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  1. Nice haul.love the life size wisemen i want a set. john
  2. Mel dose this help in telling size. here's are Poloron santa with him you can see he is no 5feet tall.later i will take my Empire,and Poloron and put them side by side. Mel what about Mold-Craft they made one like this right? well heres pic. thanks john
  3. Hi would like the brown one. how much for shipping to pa? thanks john.
  4. thanks Mel. i did not think i ever find out. i bet there old as they have the old brown cord on the light socket. well i was going to sell them because i dont use them and one is missing light cord. but now i think i will keep them. thanks john.
  5. Hi. dose anyone know were i can find light sockets for these blow molds. any help would be great. here's the pic's. also what year were they made? thanks john.
  6. Mel you could be right. but our's were never painted just red plastic. the hole is big do you know date of them? i pick them up a few years ago at a yard sale.one is missing light socket.thanks Sharon and Mel for posting the pic's i now know who made them i hope. thanks john.
  7. Thats a very cool idea.i can see a lot of people doing that. i would but we stay home for Christmas so we would have it all the time. i think it be fun. thanks john.
  8. I would repaint them.were they painted when new or did someone paint them? i only asked because i have a set that look just like yours. but they are not painted just red plastic. also the tops of ours look different then yours our looks fatter and no holly leaves. other then that they look the same.the light socket on ours is in same place as yours but ours has no name or date or cat#. so maybe ours are made by DAPOL. thanks i think you just help me because i now might know who made them. thanks john
  9. I dont care what color i just want one.well i dont know but paint was never a reason for me to buy or not to buy.price is and thats the only thing that stops me from buying. i use all my molds out side so paint no big deal to us as the paint just going to fade and flack off just like every mold out there. i have never been told by anyone that my display looks bad because my blow molds dont have nice paint jobs. thanks john.
  10. Ya cool. our's is orange too.he was never repainted still same paint he had when he was made.still has the light cord and the steel back plate.ours looked good we only use him on our porch.i will never repaint him. thanks john.
  11. Hi. do they prime them? if not thats why the paint dont stick right.i mean primer is what helps paint stick better. i cant see them using primer as it would block the light from shinning threw.but that just me.i do build model cars/truck and painting them is no differant you have to use primer and clear coat for the paint to last.besides they go out side.so it would not matter to me. thanks john
  12. Hi. here's our Poloron Santa. not sure when when was made 70's i think. if you have you can post it if you want. thanks john.
  13. I too would like him. but he is very hard to find and his pice is high. but you could get lucky just keep looking. thanks john.
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