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  1. WWNF911

    Nevada Welcome!

    Well the display has been up-n-running for a couple of nights now. I think I have most of the gremlins worked out. (All the bugs of a theme park) I guess I can safely stop lurking and join the ranks. Leon Time now to update the website I've been avoiding.
  2. Hey Carrie, I wonder if you/they would consider a slight adjustment to your display that might make it tolerable, and a little humerous with one slight adjustment. I recently saw this sign in our local area which gave me the idea. By moving the noose from the neck to the ankle, you could turn your deadman into an innocent victim of your ghoulish graveyard. Just a thought. Leon
  3. Ya,... just needs to get it to 1.2 jigawatts of power
  4. Might want to quickly put them up on Craigslist while they still work. Oh,..... now thats just wrong.... Bad Leon
  5. I think those might be LEDs,.. Not sure though but so far the only thing my Costco has out is LEDs
  6. I'm afraid it only appears that you have dodged a bullet. The real test is what happens now that they are out of the water. Only time will tell but I believe you might start to have some trouble with them down the line. Unfortunate. Leon
  7. Thanks Tim. I was joking. The last comment of my post however was a compliment.
  8. I noticed this week that we already have LED light string displays up at Costco. Box of 100 C5 for approx. $13.00. C9's are a little more.
  9. Actually thats pretty expensive. $15 per minute comes out to $900.00 per hour. You up in the lawyer rates. LOL Great offer Philip!
  10. I think this post would be better suited somewhere in Dashers Diner. Personally, I never visit Denver without stopping by the Casa Bonita (Mexican food and entertainment). Especially if you have kids. And don't forget to finish it off with their Sopapias (SP?) Leon PS - Just visited your website,.... Nice timer. LOL
  11. I think it's just the cameras auto-focus causing problems. Looks really good. Leon
  12. Here's another with some stills. Can be seen at 2:25 - 2:30 and 2:45 - 2:50.
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBv_ByoKmsY&NR=1 Couldn't find one in english that had not already been removed.
  14. Boy,.... where can I get that deal? Leon
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