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    I took my mother with me to go cut down a Christmas Tree the year before I graduated high school and enlisted in the Air Force. She trudged along through a foot and a half of snow with me for about 45 minutes before we found a really nice tree that she liked. I cut it down and we dragged it back to the car and home. Set it up the next day and decorated it together.
    I really think that it was the best Christmas I ever had being able to do that with her.
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    Long Lake, New York, USA
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    Self employed electrican/plumber/carpenter. Living 2 hours away from the nearest "big city" means that I get to wear a lot of hats to make a living. But it keeps life interesting and there is always something new to learn.
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    Electronics, decorating, computers, and high powered Rocketry
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    self employed electrician/Carpenter
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    It will just never be big enough !!!

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  1. Another source is Betty's Christmas House. http://www.bettyschristmashouse.com/index.htm
  2. Outstanding display therBig J! Due to health issues it has been 5 years now that I have not been able to do a display and had to sell my house last December as well. Hard to watch all this magic and not miss being able to do it for others myself though. I still have all my equipment but will probably have to sell it this year. But, have a Merry Christmas and keep that magic alive! Bill
  3. Sad indeed! I have accumulated around 170 or so molds over the years and this is another reason I want to hang onto mine longer now. I made a large display with them and have many of the same types such as drummers. angels, trumpet angels (have 25 of these in different colors) choir people! I want to replace all the C7 incandescent bulbs in them with dimmable C7 LED bulbs in some and pixels in some others but with my back problems I have not set up my display for the last couple of years. I was thinking of selling some stuff but still have the idea that maybe I can set up some things so
  4. I'm currently in the process of changing mine (160+) molds over to LEDs. With the pricing coming out of China on the C7 size dimmable bulbs, it just made sense to me to change. I am looking at using pixel nodes on some of the bigger ones to get better lighting in them in the head areas.
  5. Here is a shot of the big controller in my 2009 display.
  6. Yes 14 AWG stranded wire from the control boards to each outlet 12 AWG stranded from the power switches at the top to each control board 8 AWG stranded from the power connectors on the bottom up to the switches (each connector feeds 2 boards) I built the darn thing to be able to handle anything that I could think of for lights at the time. I think I could use it as a snow melt machine with enough bulbs plugged in - LOL. Also at the top right of the picture you can just see one of the two weatherproof Cat 5E connectors on the box as well. I did not have the interior Cat cables hook
  7. Sorry couldn't resist it. Here is my enclosure for the 4 LOR controllers for my mega tree. I am proud of it to say the least.
  8. Easiest thing is to go to a dollar or thrift store and buy some storage totes. Then you stick the controller on the cover of the tote, put the tote over the controller and put a weight on it so it won't blow off. Then after the season you use the tote to store lights, cords, and whatever in for the off season. Dual purpose usage and fairly inexpensive! That tote under the arch has 2 controllers under it! Been doing it for 3 years this way with no water or GFI trip problems at all.
  9. I think that most everybody has had some form of trouble in the last year or two it seems. I know that I have been pretty depressed over a lot of things as well as I have artithis, tendonitis, and a bad back that is really getting to be almost unbearable some times. Also the bad economy has taken most of the home building work out of the area I live in so finding jobs is a very tough prospect now. There are quite a few of us (at least those who have not moved away yet) that are fighting for the little jobs that come around not often enough. Seems like we barely make enough to pay even a fe
  10. Make sure that you tell your wife to be careful when she puts in the driveway that she doesn't interfere with the display setup - LOL.
  11. Take care of yourself. Pneumonia is nothing to play around with. Glad you found out what it is and have it in control now. Feel better.
  12. I'm with Cory on this one. Welding Aluminum is not for the faint of heart or untrained. It takes skill and practice to do a good job, both of which I lack in this case. I have a MIG welder and do some steel work with it but I have used the Dura Fix to repair some aluminum things and it works very well. I would recommend it for this type of project for sure.
  13. I think that that statement is just a little wrong in my eyes. Each of these two (Jim - SandsDevices and Ed - J1Sys) are each working hard to give us all good products that will help with our lighting needs. I think that they are both pretty busy with getting the actual hardware and software running for us as well as the updates as new lthings come on the market. If you look at the two web sites you can see that Ed has quite a bit more to offer (as of right now) as far as hardware than Jim does. Does that make either of them less worthy of our repsect. Not at all. I know that if I was ma
  14. Whew, Thank God. I was afraid for a minute that we would have to call the paramedics for you - LOL. It is like anything out there. You can always find something that will go against the norm. I know when I first started the tests it was more for the advent and use of hot melt by folks who swore that it was good to use for electrical connections and I just could not believe it. And as it turns out it is not good to use in the forms that can be bought over the counter by the average consumer. I did get my hands on some that could be used but since it is not a normal sale item why bother
  15. Wow, take it easy. Take a breath! LOL I just said that SOME dielectrics can weep. not all. Here is one silicone dielectric compound that does weep! Now I am sure that there are many out there that do not, especially since this one is quite old and I would be certain that the newer ones are not even the same formula as this one. I just wanted to bring that point to the general attention of others who have not worked with things like this. Another MINOR point with the dielectric compounds is that since they effectively stay "wet", they can attrack a lot of dust and dirt if not cover
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