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  1. If you have a sheetmetal shop in your town, they will probably have what you need. Shipping on metal is very expensive.
  2. I am selling my arches that I have used for 2 years. They are constructed on 3/4" grey conduit, with 7 - 100 count strings of Pure White LED's, and still work perfect!. The LED's were purchased from MITS, and are sealed, full wave and dimable. Vamipre Plugs and SPT-1 have been added to allow all the connections to be at the end of the arch, which cleans up the wiring a lot, and retains the fuses in the circuit. There are currently 15 conductor MOLEX connectors on them, which makes hookup a snap! I will include the matching connectors for them, or convert back to Vampire plugs for you, your choice (but I love the Molex, no more hookup errors). It is not really practical to ship them, so it would be a local pickup option only. I have over $100 invested in each arch, for a total of over $600.00. I will sell them for $395. If you think that seems like a lot, price out 100 ct. Pure White LED's at CDI, HLE, or MITS........... yikes. Please send me a PM if intersted. Thanks, Randy
  3. If your are going to be bending the rod to make frames, the Hot Rolled is a bit more maleable. Either will actually work fine.
  4. Suggest you spend your hard earned $$ on quality LED's from one of our PC Member vendors, CDI, MITS, HLE. I have over 400 strings from CDI and MITS and had about 3 failures in 3 years, with 0 failures on this years shipment. They cost more initially, but to me it's worth it to not have to worry about failures during the season.......
  5. Just to throw this out there........ IMO, the odds of a single bulb causing a string of 50 to be dim is slim to none. LED bulbs almost alway fail, rather than go dim. It is almost surely the rectifier. That can be replaced if you are VERY handy, but probably not repaired as they are 'potted' in plastic.
  6. Sorry, but I disagree. The only difference between 18 ga. SPT-1 and SPT-2 is a bit of insulation. The plugs will handle plenty of power, so feel free to switch them. As long as you can fit the wire in the slot, use em............
  7. M6 for me, but I need pure white.
  8. I think you may need to try a freight company. I don't think UPS or FEDEX can handle a box that large.
  9. They look great! Do they break down for shipping?
  10. I have 16 strings of gently used M6 - Warm White LEd's, 70 count on White WIre. These have been used on my snowflakes for the past 2 years, and have now been retired. They all look and work perfect. They are exactly the same as those sold by Paul at CDI, and MITS. Full wave, sealed, fully dimmable, 4 in. spacing between bulbs, .04 amp per string. They sell new for $13 - $16. I will sell all or part, single strings for $10.00 each, all 16 for $140.00, plus shipping & PayPal. Please send me a PM if interested.
  11. I love the flying saucer on the roof!! Great work!!
  12. It's in the fine print - it's the rule about being GENERALLY ANNOYING!!!!!! LOL
  13. It's only October 3rd. I plan to use all of the $4500 worth of lights I purchased from Jacob!!
  14. I feel you really need to be above ground. Since it mayl be obscured by snow, and the plow driver won't see it (they usually don't care anyway) the plow will rip up whatever you use on the ground............
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