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    I am retired from the Navy and enjoy camping.
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    for 2009 I have 32 channels for animated lighting controllers. I have 18000 lights this year and enjoy lighting up the house/yard with wire frames.

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  1. With the LED technology taking off and incandescent light bulbs phasing out does anyone know how much longer incandescent Christmas lights and set will be sold? I know some day they will be gone, but I am trying to plan ahead and keep converting my display to LED.
  2. I would go with the retro bulbs. I tried the GE C-9 strings that lowes sells and they were hard to get aligned right on the roof line plus only one led per bulb, they didn't look the best. I then went the retro bulb way by getting them from members on PC selling them. I went the C-7 bulb since I had a lot of strings for the C-7. I was very happy how they looked. Hope this helps.
  3. Michael, Thanks for hosting this event. This was my first and not my last. It was neat to actually see the people who enjoy this hobby. Pete
  4. Oh yes, from my wife being diagnosed with cancer to my father being in and out of the hospital. So take some time off of work to get the display up with updated songs. No problem until the Hurricane Sandy came and sent a curveball. Animated lighting couldn't update my shows due to the hurricane destroying the work they had done in New York City. So now I am stuck with the shows from the last 4 years. I finally was able to get some of the display up with balancing the schedules around and do it at night when things calm down. Go to turn on the display on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, the wife had the 24 hour flu bug then I get the 24 hour flu bug early Sunday morning for the entire day. Hey the lights went on but the day I wanted to add more and finish up just didn't happen. I was able to help another friend get his display set up..that was a good feeling. This year hopefully is better...Now using LOR and have 5 shows ready for 2013 already.......
  5. Mike, Do you have another surge protector you could test this problem with? It may have something to do with the surge protector and possibly a wiring issue inside. I had one this year with a similar issue. It was an older surge protector. Hope this helps, Pete
  6. I took the splash from animated lighting to LOR...What a difference. If you watch the classifieds on this site you can get some deals. That is how I bought my first and not the last controller. As far as your display try to have a general idea. It will help you out. When you get into the LOR they have a visualizer option that helps out a lot. I was able to swap from animated lighting today and see how the LOR works. It is nice to have control of your display and not worrying about getting your shows done on time or no one answering emails or the phones. I am proud to be a LOR newbie!! Pete
  7. I also have been doing this for over 30 years from the cold weather in Ohio to the sunny skies of Florida. I do a combination of animated lighting and the static nativity scene and other wire frames. I am lucky to have 3.5 acres of land and always run out of extension cords and that is when I stop every year. So in the off season I buy more zip cord and extension cords to expand. I try to keep the display simple and not have it look like Christmas puked in my front yard. I always look forward to the new technology every year and how to incorporate into my display. Just a few thoughts on this topic.
  8. I am an animated lighting customer and I also did like the plug and play. When it came to changing g my shows Paul and his crew always came through. This year was a bad year since hurricane sandy destroyed the displays the built in new York city and the sxhoe changes came in the middle of December that I requested in the middle of November. I am changing over to lor due to a few people close to me use it and the software is very User friendly even for a not so computer wavy person like myself. As Ernie 18 said try the software sample. I am going to get my lor controllers from the classifieds here on planet Christmas and the sales they have. Both good systems but lot has easier software to use. Hope this helps.
  9. The led retrofit bulbs look great. I switched to them this year and a friend of mine Ben switched the the c-9 retro bulbs. He uses lord and loved how they look. He did them in phases to. I still need to convert my white to led next year. I noticed a big difference in how they look and how the paint doesn't come of the bulbs. Hope this info helps. Pete
  10. I would do the 12inch spacing. I use the c7 strings in red, green and white. I was able to do the three colors this year. Good idea on the pre order for next year.
  11. Yes if you plan on going to LOR next year try the vendor's on planet Christmas. I was lucky to check the classifiers very often. When some people move they sometimes downsize or sell everything. They also have easy ways to convert your half wave sets to full wave by a simple nightlight or a snubber.<br /><br />I currently have animated lighting but lord is the way to go if you have time or someone near you that uses lor.<br /><br />Full wave are a little more but cheap stuff is sometimes not that good and good stuff is not cheap. Try to do the preseason sales to if you can.<br /><br />Hope this helps.<br />
  12. I use the C-7 strands but this year switched to the C-7 led bulb. They are expensive but worth it when it comes to amps. My roof and gutter line last year was 15 amps for red and white incadescent bulbs. I am now at 2.3 amps for over 150 led bulbs in green and 2.4 amps for 160 led bulbs. Something to consider during the off season when the sales are good.
  13. I did speak with Paul and there was a lot of damage from the hurricane that hit the new York city area to the displays they had setup for the holidays now they are trying to get them fixed. Hope this info helps animated lighting customers that wanted to change their shoes or get vioceovers from the dimented elf.
  14. I have been able to get in touch with animated lighting via phone or email. Any one know what is going on?
  15. I am having the same problem. No emails have been answered and the phone message boxes are full. Not to sure what is going on. Not a good time to not return emails or phone calls.
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