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  1. i have not yet added voiceover to my display but when i do i had already heard so much praise for the demented elf that that was the name in my file. i also like that he is providing a lovely addition to others displays and not thinking about how much this will do for him. i applaud you mr kevin. you are one class act. i wish you well.
  2. so do you have any wind issues. does the foam and pvc stay connected?
  3. i too would be interested in attending.
  4. are you able to post larger and more pics of the process?
  5. would love details and close up photos so i can do this to one of my sheds. it is a wonderful idea.
  6. just used the link and it wasnt there. i must have missed it.
  7. i think that is a great idea. seems easy enough to do. thanks for the idea.
  8. i wanna sneak peek. wait that doesnt sound right!!!! oh well you know what i mean.
  9. very nice. i might try adding that next year.
  10. very interested in all 5 lor controllers and display items. please contact me at 301-674-0684. want to know shipping cost. i recently purchased items from another member on pc if you need to check my credibility.
  11. that right spugh77 that is how my lowes was too. only selected clearance items - not all christmas items. gotta read those signs closely - they try to be tricky!!
  12. would like radio and stuff. call me 301-674-0684.
  13. the males were the dull, easy to slide together kind - the females were the shiny difficult ones are you sending a double meaning in that post!! as a matter of fact i resemble that comment.
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