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  1. Tory, let me get this straight. You think if I come shake it at his display, it'll finish off those lovers prematurely?
  2. Yeah, they're not really bothering anyone, are they? So they found a way to get away from their parents and have some alone time. Weren't you ever young and in love?
  3. Won't be too big a deal as long as they have a rear windshield wiper.
  4. Decorate the room with Orange and Blue only. When people comment on your odd Christmas decor, tell them you're color blind and start crying.
  5. Orange you glad you didn't paint them Black?
  6. I had a similar problem during setup this year. There was a point in the daisy chain after which all channels on all controllers would shimmer. I tracked it down to the cat5 connector on the LOR board. When I disconnected the cable last year, it had stuck and pulled up the connector. I had simply pushed it back in to place, and thought all was well. As it turns out, the connectors must have bent, and I could only get a good, clean comm signal when the jack was bent out. I solved the problem by pulling the jack forward and using hot glue to make sure it stayed that way.
  7. Sounds like if I swing by your curb on the right evening, they'll be free.
  8. I'll take the non-expectation meeting lights off your hands.
  9. It's not officially supported, but it will work. You need to mount it in a metal housing though. Running at 40 Amp generates too much heat for the plastic cases.
  10. If you wait on Travis for a refund, you'll be waiting a while. If I can give you some advice, give him a deadline. Tell him if you don't have your lights or a refund by XX date, you'll persue a refund through a dispute with your credit card. Give him a reasonable time frame, and don't take any excuses (he'll have plenty).
  11. Tis true. Paul at CDI sells plugs molded in this manner. If you can plan ahead it's a real timesaver.
  12. Depends on what you're ultimately plugging in to it. If you're going to plug in a string of lights, they don't have a ground, so there's no need. If you're plugging in a controller or anything with a three prong plug, you'd need the ground.
  13. I'd tell you, but I don't want Dano to show up and abscond with it... I keep mine in the basement. I put an empty outlet box with a waterproof cover where they (cat5 and audio) come out.
  14. Do you do an animated show? You could put switches in the bottom so that a different show is triggered depending on where the puck lands.
  15. Louie, I don't think Max is talking to you either. I think he's talking to the people who come in here and post, "I've never had any trouble, I'll be ordering from him next year." They seem to have an attitude like we're either making all these problems up, or it's somehow our fault that our orders weren't as perfect as theirs.
  16. Oh, you don't need to take on Slower Lower. Just Northern DE will be plenty.
  17. First, the kid said he was 16. If that's middle aged to you, you have my sympathies. Second, shouldn't you be off complaining about threads not dying?
  18. Any mods out there who could edit this post? We may want to remove LED Holiday Lighting from the list of LED vendors. I hate having my name associated with steering anyone's money to such a risky venture.
  19. I can pretend to be from PA, close enough, right?
  20. How long is the wire run from the main panel to the subpanel? That will contribute to the wire size. I'd go larger than 6 gauge. I'd run the largest wire you can, that way if you want to upgrade the panel later, just change the breaker in the main box and you're good to go.
  21. Can I vote "no" if I learned my lesson in the 2010 clearance sale?
  22. That's not how electrical work is supposed to feel?
  23. Tim, you're right on. From my experience with the clearance sale, ordering from Travis is a coin flip. He's not a bad guy, he's not trying to screw anyone. If your order goes out correct, you're in great shape. But if there's a problem (and problems happen to everyone) his mechanisms for correcting them fall short. I do think Travis truly wants to keep his customers happy, and that's why he promises things with the best intentions. He just doesn't have the resources to make good on those promises. I don't know whether he's too short on help, doesn't order enough spare product to fix problems, has a sump pump on the fritz, or some other factor. I really hoped if he learned anything from last year, it was that he'd keep everyone much much happier if he set realistic expectations when problem solving, rather than promising what you can't deliver. Oh well, maybe next year.
  24. Scott, I have no idea! I've never used more than one or two at a time, so I usually just look at the diagram on the side and wire it up.

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