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  1. Great Deals, mine were already sold out probably because I bought a few at 50% off, but the two closest were all out
  2. Thanks, at some point some will surface on Ebay or Walmart US next year
  3. Anybody, still trying to get the Disney snowball fight scene from walmart Ca
  4. OK Looking for a Canadian Member do do some inflatable shopping for me, if there is anyone out there please let me know. Need items from Walmart Canada and Canadian Tire
  5. Just took one out of the box yesterday brand new that I purchased a while back, one of the wires was not connected, take a look inside you never know
  6. Just find a store closest to you that has it in stock and do a phone order, that's what I do to get Menards items
  7. OK we can Check Home Depot and the Reindeer Stable from Walmart, all my other walmart ones will be bought online so I don't lose my receipt. CAn someone help me out here as I don't remember and cant find a picture from 2012, but was the whack a Penguin from last year? I know the one Igloo home depot is selling is from last year but how about this one? Also one more thing, who's in Canada need a Canadian shopper.
  8. You guys are way to efficient, I never have a chance to test out my inflatables after purchase. These look great though, will finish Halloween this weekend and then time to start Xmas. Home Depot is next on the checklist
  9. OK Finally hit Lowes Sunday Gingerbread house check Hippie Van check Fire Truck check (damn dalmation) Frosty Globe check Minnie House check Grandma Run over by a Reindeer check Rudolph check 4 Bags of Mulch check 10% Off Coupon check 18 Months No interest financing check
  10. Not sure only saw it at Menards, if you can't order it online, just call a store and have them ship it to you. Menards is great wish we had them here in Jersey
  11. All the ones you said were on Kmarts site, which usually means Sears as well. Be carefull of the Kmart site though as sometimes prices are jacked up because other wholesalers are listed on their site.
  12. OK here are a few more recent Xmas inflatables that I think everyone may enjoy, of course these are my personal likes. So far of the Mass Retailers, Walmart, Kmart, Sears and Depot have posted Xmas inflatables. I keep checking Menards and have not found Halloween or Xmas yet, as I usually have them ship me things as we do not have them. Finally you have Yard Inflatables that also has a great selection, he has the Bumble Sleigh cheaper than Depot and it does not appear on Kmarts sight any longer.
  13. Walmart also has a Xmas version of the dachsaund as well.
  14. OK Here is another great one for 2013 Xmas. Lowes in area do not even have Halloween in Top Stock yet, items are finally online for Lowes Halloween though. Check this one out at Yard Inflatables
  15. OK the inflatable section has been extremely quiet, so I need to get something going. We have all been using our sources for pictures of upcoming inflatables, scouring all the retailer sites and checking out Gemmys Halloween and Christmas previews. Halloween has already broken my budget as it look like there are a lot of good ones out there this year. I have scene a number of Christmas inflatables from the owner of a Seasonal Store, Distributor websites, Yard Inflatables, other retailers and such, but Home Depot's site caught me by surprise yesterday, as there are a few I had not scene
  16. Put up a simple St. Pats Display last weekend for the Best Holiday of the year, cheers
  17. Tim's line has been continued with Bob from Yard Inflatables, Bob has created some good pieces the last few years so you may want to give him a try. The fans are stronger and they are replaceable.
  18. So it has only been a month since Xmas, but finally a chance to post some pictures of my display from 2012.
  19. I am sure many of you that had been on the ABC Decorating Forum have migrated over here but are not posting, so maybe this will get some things going. I am just as bad only a few posts recently and haven't even posted my Xmas pictures. So I will start things up. If you have not noticed Bob has posted some of the 2013 designs on his web site Yard Inflatables. Com. He is producing some good items this year including the Statue of Libery in a more realistic color than the Gemmy Samples. I have been waiting for this one as we had been planning this a few years back when Tim was still producin
  20. I see a few did go back up in price, I realy think this is based on sell thru. Some items are still at 50% off and others have now gone back up. I keep checking as there are a few others I want that have yet to be marked down.
  21. Matt, not sure why Snoopy is not working for you. Had no problem getting him for $49.50 still shows up at that price when I pull it up. So everyone what did you get. Kilivolt, a little jealus, Lowes and Home Depot around me are pretty much wiped out and have been for a Month already.
  22. Here's the link to Snoopy www.homedepot.com/h_d1/N-5yc1v/R-203266139/h_d2/ProductDisplay?catalogId=10053&langId=-1&keyword=inflatable&storeId=10051
  23. Home Depot went 50% off on some of there inflatables on Xmas Inflatables on Christmas Day, including the 10ft Snoopy and Snoopy on a Chopper. Bed Bath & Beyond has both the Mickey and Frosty on Presents down to 29.99, I think originally they had these at over $100 Happy Hunting, as I made a few purchases the last few days, but will not be hitting any stores, just online.
  24. Waiting on Lowes Christmas now, have all the Halloween wants, lets get to Xmas
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