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  1. Yes! I'm going to replace some flood lights with them!
  2. I just got over two dozen par cans and DMX dimmer packs for free! A local dance club upgraded and the owner put them on Craigslist for free! All they need is some new gels and cleaned up a little and I'll be set!
  3. When my grandparent's moved to my neighborhood in 1975 every home decorated their houses with lights. They also lined our street with the paper bags and candles. It was pretty neat because we live on a main street so a lot of people got to see it. Now, a few of my neighbors put a couple of strands up but that's about it. Most of them are older and say, "Why bother," especially since we live near you. I decorate a few of the older folks houses that still want to participate in putting lights up. I would like to get the paper bag tradition going again though. I think the would be neat! May
  4. Look at the fence in the background. That's what I did with my extra icicle lights.
  5. This is a picture, from the Light-O-Rama, Animation window of the layout. I'll post the detailed diagram when I get it done. (The colors are not the same as the colors of the lights I'm using.) I just used a lot of different colors so I can tell the channels apart easily. I'll probably use multi-colored mini lights because that's what I have for my Christmas display.
  6. I finally came up with a layout and got all of the equipment I need for the light show I'm doing for my school's Homecoming Dance. It's time to start synchronizing now, just as soon as I get some good songs!! This is what I'm going to do, I just need some songs to use for it: Since I can't synchronize the show to every song the DJ plays the light show will be in the lobby. I am going to do about 5 songs. The dance itself is in the cafeteria. People will see the show as the come to and leave the dance. They also can watch it if they get bored "dancing" in the cafeteria. I'm doing this sho
  7. I put two inflatables on my side "flat" roof. I attached their bases to a sheet of plywood and just sat it on the flat roof. Then, I attached the tie-downs to the siding on the side of the "main" roof. I did this for two years and never had any problems. This only will work if you have the same type of situation. You definitely don't want to try this on a sloped roof because there would be nothing to hold the plywood down. The first big gust of wind would send the whole thing flying off of the house!! Another tip is to attach a piece of fishing line to the inflatable and run it down to t
  8. I do 10ths. I have some parts where I use smaller increments by using tracks for certain things but the main show is done in 10ths.
  9. Yes, make sure your using the newest version of LOR.
  10. Hey, I used 4 of them, stacked on top of each other, as a chair/table in my pool house. I even used about ten of them to get rid of some mud I didn't need. They put a "No Stream Dumping" sign up near the creek in the back of my house so I couldn't put it there. I tried dividing it up and putting it in black trash bags but one broke open and the garbage man wouldn't take it. So I pulled out an old Gateway 2000, gutted it then filled it with the mud and sat that out! Works every time!
  11. Chuck, I just looked real quick. I didn't see it but it might be on the top shelf. I'll pull some of the boxes out and double check tomorrow. I have over 250+ computers. I collect them. Most of them are old Gateway 2000's, that I got from a business that closed down, and Dell's, that I got from school when they upgraded.
  12. I use to have the whole computer. I'll check my garage to see if I still have it tomorrow. I had one from school too. The mother board when in mine so I just threw it in storage.
  13. Wow! I definitely can see the difference between a 4.9mw and a 30mw! I'm looking at this one now: http://cgi.ebay.com/K800-R-100mW-650nm-G-30mW-532nm-Laser-Lighting-DMX-DJ_W0QQitemZ290243850093QQihZ019QQcategoryZ14984QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem Does this look like a good deal?
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