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  1. Aproct, I sent you a pm concerning your lights the same day I sent someone else's PM and they have already received their lights. I'm sorry if I haven't been able to respond to everyone for two reasons: one my current situation is dicey just ask Steven Singleton and two I was totally bombarded with PM's. I filled the orders I had lights for. I have no more lights to sell except brianfox, I sent you a PM this morning and still waiting a response from you. If you have been through a divorce it can be very messy. Thanks for everyone's consideration on that.
  2. Can't believe how many responses I got about minis. I will be filling orders as I received the PMs. Please give me a few days to get them out and sorted. The current marital issues have been playing catch up on a few things. Thanks
  3. Full controllers the CTB16PC are in the LOR plastic enclosure and CTB16 are in RiteTime boxex
  4. I will be selling a boat load of brand new minis for $1 a box plus shipping. Please put in your request and color and I will fill orders till I run out.
  5. Due to rapid changing marital situation, I am selling my LORs. It would be perferable that you be within 1.5 hours of Tampa so that I can deliver them but I will ship as well. I have 4 CTB16PC and 4 CTB16. Selling each for $150. Please let me know if you have any questions. All units guaranteed to work.
  6. Mine are under cover so I didn't have to do anything. If you put it in a tree, I would make an enclosure with a whole for the lens and some vent holes. Mine have been rained on when it came down at an angle but there never seemed to be a problem.
  7. the units are small. One is a DLINK IP Camera and one is a Trendnet IP camera. http://www.trendnet.com/products/proddetail.asp?prod=150_TV-IP100W-N&cat=147
  8. Steven I use wireless IP cameras for security and a software package for recording what goes on. They can also be broadcast of the internet.
  9. gstarr

    Florida Mini

    Sound great Steven...good job on taking the lead on this. My wife and I will be there. Nice that it is close this year since I'm going to PLUS.
  10. I haven't had any Christmas stuff on shelves in Walmarts for 3 weeks....those who have have been lucky
  11. gstarr

    Florida Mini

    Sounds great that we have it on the West coast....of course I'm biased because I live in St Petersburg. Steven if you want to do it at your place, I'm game for it and June 6th is fine with me. If you need help since I'm close just let me know.
  12. who's walmart actually has any Christmas stuff left. 3 Walmarts here have been empty for a week except for junk like stockings, tree stands, boxes, ect.
  13. I have all my customers down but mine should be done by the end of this weekend.
  14. I am planning on doing that for next year.
  15. Stopped this morning and picked up large ornament balls that were in a two pack...Orginally $5 but paid 50cents each this morning. No lights left though
  16. Thanks....for the warning I enjoy living in Pinellas County...have been here almost 5 years now.
  17. Good luck on the interview. Stay on the Tampa side so that I don't have any competition on this side of the Bay...LOL Hope all works ouit for you.
  18. Hehe....but you can outsmart the security cameras.
  19. I named him **** after **** Clark rockin New Year's Eve
  20. Just checked 1 Walgreens and they are still 50% here in St Petersburg Florida
  21. I second that question....how does one get their hands on a GF catalog?
  22. If you were looking in St Pete I could help find an apartment but not with Tampa. Like someone mentioned try craigslist. Hope everything goes well for you.
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