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  1. I've looked in a few ornament collectible books I have and didn't see anything like this. I have other books that are in storage and will look at them and see what I can come up with.
  2. Nice find!! I "borrowed" this picture from the internet. I'm at my brothers and not on my pc. Anyhow...I went thrift storing today and got this blow mold for 50 cents... =)
  3. I really like your display....very creative you are. Thanks for sharing the pictures. =)
  4. I like it!! Here is one I seen in a parking lot last year while out shopping. I used my cell to snap a quick picture. =)
  5. Was browsing a Walter Drake catalog this evening and the last two pages had Christmas cards. I also see that LTD commodities has their Harvest Catalog online right now too!
  6. I got my daughter this one year for Christmas. I purchased it at Costco. It also came with the solar system mobile. They came with remotes and also dvd's. Great educational toy. Both are made by Uncle Milton.
  7. Haven't signed in for ages. Just wanted to say hi to all my Christmas friends. Hope everyone is doing well. =)
  8. Hi Sunshine would love to see your "Mickey Collection"

  9. Those do look very professional. Great job! Could you do me a Mickey Mouse? =) *L
  10. That is a fantastic idea. Not to many on my block decorated this year. I should try this idea sometime. =)
  11. Looks great! I like the airblown "figures" but here in Montana with our weather they don't work so great. To cold, to much snow, wind etc. I opt for blowmolds myself since they stand up a alot better for my area. Otherwise I would have a ton of airblowns. =)
  12. I love this show and agree that yes they do help many families in need. I also agree with some of you that some of the homes haven't been taken care of and some even lost their homes due to not making their payments. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/07/28/AR2008072802587.html http://blogs.wsj.com/developments/2008/12/09/yet-another-extreme-makeover-home-may-face-foreclosure/?mod=googlenews_wsj
  13. Yeppers that works well too...even blown up balloons.
  14. I don't have a picture on hand. But my daughter and I like to take Sugar or Cake Cones (that you use for ice cream). Then we glue a glass bulb (any color) on top of the cone.. and sometimes we use a little clear glue on top and shake a few sprinkles (that you use for cookie decorating) or even glitter on top. These are super cute and so easy to make. =)
  15. I would suggest trying a Scat Mat. http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2752972&utm_source=cse&utm_campaign=5087384&utm_medium=googleproduct&mr:trackingCode=F475D0A1-A6C3-DD11-80C2-001422107090&mr:referralID=NA
  16. Nice finds...I've also scored lately too. I wish I could come across a few Mickey Mouse Molds. I've seen some on Ebay but they always want to much. Oh well I will keep looking.
  17. I can totally relate. Before joining this forum I had 2 Blowmolds. A Santa (head/face) Empire I believe. And I also had one Halloween ghost. Now I have those as well as a set of Nutcrackers, 2 Bears, A penguine and a set of Candles. And I hope to get a set of Carolers tomorrow if they are still at this thrift store I shop. I would love to have the Santa and reindeer. =)
  18. Thanks....My sister informed me they have a set of carolers now...I hope they are there tomorrow so I can buy them. =)
  19. Thanks Lee....I will check Ace tomorrow. I've never heard of Menards.
  20. Today I went to the local thrift shop. I got 2 union nutcrackers (one red one blue), I also got 2 empire Teddy bear molds they hold a gift. I also got a penguine holding a candy cane not sure who that one was made by...it's still in my car. I paid about a buck a piece for them. Anyhow....the nutcracker(s) are missing the cord/light. Where can I buy these?
  21. This is a neat idea. Sounds like fun. I may have to try this with my daughter. TFS!
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