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  1. You may be in trouble! The description for these say they are common cathode, and from what I understand you must use common anode with LOR.
  2. If you received a copy of "Everybody's Happy" and you have video up on the web, would you send me the URL for the video? I would like to send the URL's to Tessa to thank her for sending the song and allowing me to share it with you. If you would like to see what I did with the song:
  3. As far as I know, it is only on youtube. PM me your email, and I'll send you a copy of it.
  4. Tallan, I have no idea if you can add a resistor to the string to shorten it, or not. I just tape them up, you can not see them at night anyway.
  5. This is from a singer in the Netherlands. The song is not available in the US, but after many emails back and forth, they sent me a copy of the song and gave me permission to share with whoever wants a copy. Yes, I know you can rip the music from the video, but if you want a legal copy of the song, send me your email by either posting here, or by PM. I'll send you a copy of it in MP3 format. Have a listen:
  6. Matt, Home Depot should have these on hand. Back in the wood aisles, ask them for a bun foot. However, they will only be around 6" in dia. Good luck!
  7. You could also use something like these: http://www.firefold.com/4-Marker-Tie-100pk-P786C465.aspx
  8. Last year, (my first doing an animated display), I used a total of 10 channels in my tree. 3 for white, 3 for red, 3 for green, and 1 for the star. Each channel had 4 strings of lights on it, so I had 3600 lights on the tree and 200 in the star. You can see it in action at http://www.vimeo.com/steveott It did not turn out too bad. You might want to use black pipe from Lowes or Home Depot. You can get a union to join pieces together into any length you want. For my center pole, I used (from top) 2 six foot pieces of 1" pipe joined to a 5' piece of 1 1/2" at the bottom.
  9. I just wanted to say thank you to all the members of PC. You have provided tremendous help to myself in getting this coming Christmas season off and running! This will be my first year animating lights, and using LOR. Therefore, I have had a crash course in everything by reading posts, visiting members websites, looking at your tutorials, etc. You have shown me how to build a mega tree, how to make mini-trees, how to build arches, how to use FM transmitters, how to make a Tune To sign, and so many more items. Your willingness to share with others truly make this a one-of-a-ki
  10. Thanks for your replies guys. The problem is that only some of the gold bulbs are dim, not all of them. I would say out of 30 gold bulbs about 15 -20 are dim on one angel, and about 10 - 15 on the other angel. I think that I did get the gold strings from Target. I'll try swapping in some red or blue and see what that does. I'll let everyone know what happens.
  11. I have put lights onto two different angel wireframes. I removed some of the white bulbs and put in some gold ones around the horn and halo. Now, some of the gold bulbs are dim and some are bright. All the bulbs are lighting up, just some are really dim. I took all the gold bulbs from the same strand of lights so I know they are all the same voltage. Does anyone have any idea of why this is happening?
  12. As 2008 will be my first year with LOR, and also with a mega tree, I decided that I would put the tree up in my backyard as a practice run. Yesterday, (Saturday) I put up the center pole, guyed it down, and installed about 1/3 of the lights. Last night I turned it on as a static display, and one ofmy neighbors were in their backyardwatching as well. ( I did not know that he was watching me put it up). Today, I was putting the rest of the lights on the tree, and hooking up my LOR controller, when he asked me what I was doing. I explained that this was a dry run, I had never done this before,
  13. Lightzilla Another good song (I think) is "Christmas with a Capital C" by Go Fish. This is on their album 'Snow' which has a bunch of good songs. Keep Christ in Christmas
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