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  1. looks pretty cool! too much like work though!
  2. OK, I'm bowing. Thanks for the comment but I didnt see it quite as well as you did, yet I'm just the wacko who made it happen. Sometimes you get tired of the song after listening to it a million times.
  3. Yes, they are falling stars and the stars are from christmaslightshow.com before you ask. Hope your wife enjoyed this video as much as I did sequencing it.
  4. Yes, I did the sequencing. I do all my own sequencing. I like the whole cd from this guy.
  5. Thanks Trazer, just another day in the woods for me!
  6. Thanks laser633! The song was something I knew I was going to use as soon as I heard it. The cd has a few other songs I'm working on for this year too. I love the modern sound with the classical songs. If you check it out on Vimeo, I have a link to the artist! I was trying to do something different and I appreciate you noticing something I thought was cool but when I saw the video, I realized I had some touch ups to do because the one side goes further then the other! I appreciate the comments!
  7. Thanks dmagelssen! It is a great song and even cooler in the display! I had some great comments by our guests too!
  8. dkrasley

    Lor Sequences

    It has been said, sharing songs is like taking your family of 10 to a buffet and paying for 1 meal and sharing it with 9 other people. It's not right to steel from the artist who does this for a living. I always purchase what I use because it's only fair to them. have a good one!
  9. Good morning mr decorator sir! welcome to mayhem madness!
  10. I have never seen 1" electrical conduit in 20' sections and at Lowes? I guess you learn something new everyday?!?!?!
  11. Why do people quote the whole message? Thats just stupid! LOL!
  12. Dr Holdman uses them and he adds a few extra strings on them
  13. dkrasley

    Lor Sale

    and then there are those who have 200, 300 or more! Most of us are bald or balding! Hey after the first 100 it gets easier. you will learn with time. I'm adding 4 more controllers but most of it will be to make the mega tree 128 channels and to put the controllers closer to the other parts of the display to cut down the lengths of cords used. But I still have ALL my hair!
  14. Does anyone get smaller? I don't know anyone who downsized yet! I guess one day we will all have to spend a month on a sequence!
  15. I think it's been answered. No one wants to void the warranty!
  16. Well I too have some spt wire but I have much more in good cords. I use the few I have for short jumps and for the falling stars. But I had 2.38 miles of cords in my display this past year. I'm hoping to use less next year. http://www.facebook.com/album.php?id=1361664251&aid=2083886#!/photo.php?fbid=1659066120803&set=a.1639315427048.2083886.1361664251&theater
  17. Thanks guys. It's great to have other CrAzY people like your work. I loved doing it and it looks awesome out side. I cant wait for winter again to get it back out and put this back in motion.
  18. OH NO! Did I mention I have the copyright for the display! LOL! They say when someone "borrows" something you do, your doing something right! I have the "Holdman" star, someones arches....... I'm flattered Tremor30!
  19. It's nice to know in this world of ripoffs and scams that a WaCkO like me and goduke21 can trust one another and send something without having anything in their hand. I trusted him and sent the string to him, meanwhile, he sent me the payment for a string that could have been a dud! Happy Springmas everyone!
  20. The isolation transformer is the best way to clean up power. If you have the opportunity to, get one! It's sounds like your area is the reason. Utilities here in the US are delivering cleaner power because they locate the transformers close to the homes they will cover. Check to see where the transformer is located and maybe you convince the utility company to get you one closer to the display? Jack makes some good points, but as an electrician, don't try these things yourself, have your electrical department check all the connections and replace anything that looks "iffy"!
  21. I don't know, with all the safety geeks and GFCI promoters, how could you use SPT cords? Vampire plugs are about as non-watertight as it gets! So I got a megometer out! On a SPT cord, the leakage is tremendous over the orange cords that are double insulated. I can get an infinite resistance on the orange cords, but the spt was frequently topping out around 500 mΩ Our displays are temporary but we still need to be safe. Where do you draw the line? _______________
  22. well, the LOR spring sale starts tonight at 10pm! is that enough for you?
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