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  1. Hi. No! Dont want to buy anything big right now till I see what the actors will do. Other than that I always love this time of year (taxes) LOL. I should do O.K. Well, They will let me know. Good or bad I will still always have PC. Cant tax that yet, LOL Time to cook some dinner. Talk to ya later. Rob

  2. Last time i checked you only had 5279 posts. But you dont look here anyways. Call ya soon........

  3. I wonder if there's a coupon or something so you could visit the penthouse for free, Just to see if its better or not. Like ( FREE FOR A DAY)..
  4. Good job chuck.. And Heidi and I say HI.. Thats another post for me...
  5. You have boatloads. It's at the bottom of your post. DUH!! Time for you to wear the LOR (hat of shame). LOL
  6. It's not what you know, but who you know..the bud light comm. was the Perfect example..
  7. If this helps I would use the threaded fitting's, And scoot the lights on and off the fitting when it's time to put up or take down. If I could post photos I would, Maybe next week.. Baby steps for me.
  8. I love it. This high tech stuff rules.. I'll take two just incase I leave one on the roof.. Or at your house..
  9. well tried chucks idea. It can not be done while holding a beer. any other ideas..
  10. I tried that first chuck, But that was because I saw that red thing blinking and went to lick the pc board to see if it would stop blinking..And the rest is history ( guess they will have to put another warning label somewhere..
  11. Thanks. That was the one thing the booklet did not say anything about.. I was somewhat sure it was like any other usb device, always better to double check with the (pros of planet christmas).. Thanks to all.. Bob
  12. Very nice..Thats one more for the notes.. Thank you. Bob
  13. Quick question. Just tested my first controler. worked great. Now the question how should I turn it off. Pull 110v , pull the usb or is there something that should be done on the computer. Thanks Bob
  14. Makes up for all the fast food losses at the drive thru... LOL.
  15. I found the best to deal with certain visitors like that, is to loan them money (you will never see them again) LOL,LMAO...
  16. I'll give it a looksee. I had good luck on SELL.COM. But only did one transaction. As the buyer...
  17. O.K. I can stop now. Just wanted to hit 100 post mark. I'am just kidding. I love this place. where else can you drink beer and talk about xmas lites (well MY house I guess) LOL.
  18. NOW I REALY KNOW ITS THE END OF THE WORLD. P.S. Whats an adult movie. LOL
  19. I do agree with that. I've gotten a neg for leaving a neg. but they should have something so that we can tell the truth about the buyer. I think the play field needs some work. I do know you can leave pos. feedback (then speak your mind) but you would have to read there feedback scores. and now the buyer if he pays or not can leave neg feedback, Till you resolve the issue.
  20. And I love the fact that the seller cant leave real feedback, only positive feedback or none at all. Its the end of the world...
  21. I have not got that message yet. But I think PAYPAL must have something to do with it. Went to sell something last week and it said that I must accept PAYPAL. I guess they must get some kickbacks..
  22. O SURE there goes the minis That I needed, LOL sounds like A great idea. I do something to the sort on a few homes in my neck of the woods ( BUT MY HOUSE COMES FIRST) sometimes. Good job, if you could use a few cords to make this happen I will send some just for the cause. cause I want too.. Bob.
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