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  1. Scot i hope you got the controllers you needed and this does not step on you post (too much) I needing LOR DC controllers (9 of them) i have several LOR AC controllers im willing to trade (these were kits and are assembled with cords and enclosure) or i will sell the AC controllers.......and buy new DC anyone interested please see Scot Meyers post first
  2. has anyone who prepaid been contacted about the extra lights we were promissed? I did not buy verymany lights so i expect to be at the end however i thought i would have received something asking me about my bonus lights.
  3. Im interested in 2 of them Please let me know if you decied to sell and what the price is.
  4. I have $250 (10 @$25 each) im looking to turn into cash. Im willing to take $200.00 for all or $20 per card i will pay shipping and PP fees. If interested PM me. scott
  5. terry and i have contacted the seller to try and get a sample to see how they compare to other retros his have 3 LEDs and others i have have 5 LEDs will post with results if samples are obtained scott
  6. did not see any c6 on white wire did i miss them or are there none available?
  7. fomwhat i found if you buy bulbs by the time shipping gets added its more expensive. what i do with my old strings is recycle them, i get about $.30 a string and i donate it to a food bank (church sponsered)
  8. best source i found is to buy multi color strings at the after christmas sales (get them or about $.50) and pull the colors you want switch the base
  9. im up and running 48 channels with 3 MM LED flood lights. seqs were borrowed and sadjusted....nothing too special but not bad for my first year LOR. Watch out next year!!!! scott PM me if you want m address to visit.....dont want to post it
  10. which form is the place to put just a general question?
  11. has anyone else had there FM transmitter interfer with their garage door opener? when im transmitting my car transmitters do not work? Im going to see if a different radio freq will help.
  12. I wanted to extend a thanks to everyone who answered a stupid question of mine over the last few years. I finally got my first controlled display going (48 channels). to all the computer people who understand how all this stuff works thanks for in many cases WALKING me key stroke by keystrok through things...thanks to all who sold me lights in mid july for great prices and thanks to all who post sequences we who run out of time can use. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL Scott
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