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  1. I updated my LOR to S5 this year and my Mega Tree quit working so we have tried everything to fix it. While trying something today, opening S5 not saving anything because nothing appeared to be working and when I closed it now none of my lights are working. My controllers are just blinking. I can go into the hardware and hit refresh and they will stop blinking and I can even manually pick lights but when I close it they start blinking again? Is it something with my Comm 3? Anything helps!!!
  2. We have about 100,000 lights and 272 Channels of Light-O-Rama and a 2700 Channel RGB Pixel Tree. This is our 9th year doing animated lights, we added our neighbors house this year and have plans to add another neighbor or two next year.
  3. I read all the literature over at AUSChristmas Lighting Forums and asked questions several times but I tried it this year and I loved it. It has a little learning curve but it is not hard at all and if you do it yourself you can save a lot over the other options.
  4. If they get the right product and right price.
  5. I am using the J1SYS ECG-P12R which uses E1.31 (LOR's advanced program has this).
  6. Anyone else, I tried talking with Laurie but she just keeps referring to the tube lights and that's not what I want.
  7. Welcome back Bobby. This was my first year using RGB Pixels and I highly recommend the products listed below, several people have used them with good results. I don't know as much about others but I know this works. Below is an IM I received from one of the guys at the forum Mcas mentioned above. ""Now the system i personally would look at for that tree is (assuming you already have the LOR version with E1.31) ECG-P12R, will give you upto 12 universes of lighting, so you could use 8 outputs for your tree with 2 strings per output and then have options for adding other intelligent
  8. Bill, can you give us an idea about pricing and maybe any spec on them? They don't list prices on anything.
  9. Thank you they are $89.95 about half of what the other vendor told me. I might try looking into building some, I just need to figure out the control aspect.
  10. Great, have you thought about maybe sending out an informational e-mail on big announcements if you have an easy way of doing this?
  11. Has anyone seen these, I checked with this vendor but they were a little on the pricey side. I was hoping to possibly find them a little cheaper.
  12. Is there anything we need to do if we have made and use effects from the old site?
  13. Go with Ray Wu aliexpress I don't think you will get that there, at least I hope it wasn't him, doesn't sound like something they would do. I've had good results using Ray and he understands our hobby because so many in our hobby have purchased from him.
  14. I purchased RGB lights from Ray Wu or aliexpress as mentioned above, it is in my opinion the best way to dive into RGB Lighting. I added a 16' 900 Pixel RGB Tree this year, it is in my videos, if you have any question let me know. You might want to read this
  15. I am posting a long IM I received from FastEddy over at AUSChristmasLight forums, if you have not visited this forum they have an infinite amount of RGB knowledge starting with Eddy, they have put together several videos and powerpoint type slides that have a lot of very useful information. Now the system i personally would look at for that tree is (assuming you already have the LOR version with E1.31) ECG-P12R, will give you upto 12 universes of lighting, so you could use 8 outputs for your tree with 2 strings per output and then have options for adding other intelligent lighting later
  16. I want to say if anyone is interested in going RGB, Eddy knows what he's doing, he has helped me tremendously this year to get my RGB Tree up and running. I too can vouch for Ray I have had great results working with him.
  17. If you just want full string control not each individual pixel you can look into what they call RGB Dumb strings which will let you do any color but it will only change the whole strings color not each individual light. I have found this may be cheaper than buying individual strands and it gives you an infinite amount of colors. The lights on my house and bushes are individual strings of each color but my Mega tree is RGB which has individual control.
  18. I purchased my lights from Ray Wu (900 RGB Pixel lights), my power supply from Meanwell, and my RGB Controller which will control 12 DMX Universes from Joshua Systems (J1SYS). Lights including shipping were a little under $420.00 (2) 350 Watt Powersupplys $110.00 (Only needed 1, but have 1 as a back-up) J1SYS Controller $180.00
  19. I bought my lights from Ray Wu and I have been thoroughly impressed. My videos in my signature show my Mega Tree which is RGB .
  20. AUS Christmas Lighting has a ton of knowledge about RGB Lighting, go to their RGB section and read all of the literature which is posted and that will give you a great start. I added a 16' RGB Mega Tree this year and they helped me tremendously in getting everything correct and going.
  21. I am interested as well, you can IM me or shoot me an e-mail either way. Would this possibly be the Roger I think it is?????
  22. I had to use Google Chrome and it worked great! I did have issues using IE.
  23. I do not recommend PVC, I used a grid last year out of PVC that I stood up and it would flex and distort over longer runs and that was with T's and additional items in for support. I will not be using the grid this year!!!
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