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  1. I do it because of comments like this - If I could vote for best Christmas lights in Gleannloch Farms, I would vote for my neighbor across the street on Rose Dawn Lane! WOW! What a joy to see and HEAR! Thank you neighbor for the Christmas joy. Picture would not do it justice. You must drive by. Christmas music is broadcasted through to a radio station. You listen and watch the magic. and this - My daughter is 18 months old and I drove by last night to let her see it. I wish I would have video taped her response. She was totally mesmerized. Thank you so much for getting to see that loo
  2. That is a cool adaption of the original. What kind of ribbons did you use? Would love to more about your construction.
  3. According to their website, they are sold out.....
  4. I had a similar experience. Once I got it untangled, I wound it up on one of those garden hose reels. I think it was one that held 200' or so of hose. It maybe it easier to handle.
  5. Doug - I was looking through Lori's website for wireframe clips last night and couldn't find any. I just thought she stopped handling them. Does she have them on her web page and I just couldn't find them? Thanks Doug
  6. I saw that version on Itunes when I was looking for the new song she did this year...Oh Santa....I didn't know what the Extra Festive meant. I like the version you used better than the original (which I used). Thanks for the info.
  7. Nice. Did you create that version of the song? I haven't heard that one before.
  8. Sure. They are simply 2 of the growers flower baskets from Lowes and Home Depot zip tied together and then wrapped in lights. I have 14" and 10" ones. The growers baskets are wire and usually have some peat moss in them. They are pretty simple to put together.
  9. I struggled with this too as I live on a corner with a huge slope. Tried deck blocks with plywood on top. Eventually went the more expensive route of putting in a tier of landscape blocks, with plans to put flowers on the ground level and the top. Here is a picture. http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/5262363436/
  10. What if you spray some of the foam insulation for sealing cracks, etc. between the candy cane and the rebar? Would filling the gap hold it straight?
  11. I agree with Walter. The JUMP is the way to go. Mine withstood a pretty good thunderstorm Christmas Eve with wind gusts that took some gutter off the neighbors house. Mine is at 20 Feet.
  12. Looks great! I hope to build one next year.
  13. Curious how you attached the motion detectors to trigger the LOR controller to activate the show. Thanks
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