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  1. TSO just released a new album today, with five songs. Winter Palace and Dreams of Fireflies look to be good candidates for programming. All songs are available for download at Amazon MP3 for $.99 each.
  2. I have 500 red bulbs which are double dipped and I will sell them for $.08 each or $2.00 for a box of 25. Shipping would be whatever I could get in a flat rate box, depending upon quantity bought. John
  3. I use 16 segments each of red, green, and clear, with 2 strings per segment. A total of 32 strings of each color for a 20' tree. Then I wrap with 32 strings for my spiral.
  4. Be cautious of this "want-to-be vendor". He ripped me off for $411 a little over three years ago when he lived in Littleton NC. He has recently resurfaced and is looking for additional suckers. He sold me three controllers, but never deliver.
  5. Jacob...Are the C9's 3 or 5 LED lights?
  6. I still think it is the upstream controller not allowing the proper communication to reach the "suspect" controller. My flickering problems were not caused by the controller the arches were wired too; the problems occurred in the inputting controller.
  7. Sounds exactly like a problem I had last week. I found a bad RJ45 recepticle in one of my controllers. By using your hardware utility "refresh", it may tell you the problem controller. When all controllers are daisy chained together, push "refresh" and then check that each controller is listed. If you find a controller not listed, it could be the problem or the controller just "upstream" from it. Good Luck
  8. Fixed...It was a different controller with a faulty phone jack. Once repaired, everything worked fine. Thanks
  9. When I bring the controller into the house and run any existing sequence, the controller works fine. Putting the controller back outside and it fails to work. I feel there is a problem cat5 cable outside and will test the cables today.
  10. Yes...You have to do that when using the "hardware" feature to test the controller.
  11. I have one controller that will not work during a show. Testing it with the "hardware" feature and all channels work fine, but running a sequence and it will not react. I feel there is something wrong with the sequencing, but have not been able to pinpoint it. I have check all channels and there are no units or channels which are "doubled up". Any help would be appreciated; have never had a problem in the past, but added three controllers this year and one of them is the culprit.
  12. Hot melt glue gun, glue them right to the vinyl frame. Works great!
  13. Good price on spt-1 black at www.christmaslightshow.com.
  14. Living in the Pacific Northwest, we live with rain four out of five days during the winter time. I have never pulled the plug on my display except for one time, and then my across the street neighbor who just happened to be a GFCI engineer, showed me where the problem was. A quick fix and the display has never stopped because of rain since. Nice to have neighbors that are "in the know".
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