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  1. Doc, I live in Orange County, but I'm thinking of coming up there for this event. I may just possible stay the whole weekend in Morro Bay. Do you have any recommendations on places to stay in Morro Bay? Thanks, Michael
  2. We also can't leave my favorite song out of this list.... Dead Man's Party by Oingo Boingo Michael
  3. I'm in La Habra. This year will be my 3rd year with LOR. I do a Halloween and Christmas display. I have 96 channels... Michael
  4. I use C-7's to outline the roof on the house. This last year, I outlined the roof with 3 sets of LED C-7's (red, warm white and crystal white). It was a lot of work to put all 3 sets on the roof, but worth it in the end. Michael
  5. Welcome to PC, Mike.. Last year was my first year with 32 channels of LOR and looking to do ALOT more this year. I do a Halloween and Christmas show..... Maybe I can drive out and see your display, once you have it up for the holidays. If you have any questions feel free to ask, everyone here is very willing to help out... Michael
  6. You can add me in as well... Michael
  7. I bought 2 at OSH 2 years ago.... I agree the PVC is very brittle... Michael
  8. Ed, I have also sent you an email. Michael
  9. Thanks!! But, within the last 2 weeks, plans have changed and my fiance/ex-fiance has decided to call off the wedding/relationship. Soooo... I will not be moving to Fresno, but staying in Southern California.. I just have to go up there one more time to get all of my personal belongings, including my display items for Halloween and Christmas. Michael
  10. Thank you very much!! It'll take time to heal, it always does. Maybe one day I will find that special person. Michael
  11. Well, within the last week or so there has been a HUGE change. My fiance/ex-fiance decided, last night, to call off the relationship/wedding because of her passion and desire to have a baby. I personally can not have kids of my own, but she wants to go through the whole child-birth thing. She knew that I couldn't have kids before we even started dating... it just hit her all at once, i think, as it was getting closer to the wedding. Better to find out now, rather than after we got married, right? I just want to thank everyone for their input on songs for this... I really do appreciate
  12. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who had some input on this topic. I have written down a list of all the songs that you have mentioned here and now have to figure out which one(s) to use. Michael
  13. Darlene Pino: that website has a nice list of songs. I like the song "Celebrate" and never knew who sung it. Thanks for the info... Lightzilla: I listened to "Together (The New Wedding Song)" ... twice!! I really liked it. Have to check with the other half this weekend and see what she thinks... thank you for showing me that Justin: Thank you for the songs list. I will add those songs to the list that I have started. I will then go on Amazon or CdUniverse and listen to a sample of the songs that I don't have. Michael
  14. We haven't decided on what OUR song will be yet. We're going to have to talk about that this weekend when I am up there. I guess we should do that pretty quickly, so that I can do a sequence for it. I do know that she wants to dance to Stealing Cinderella by Chuck Wicks with her father. Michael
  15. Celebration is a good one... that one would work....
  16. Ok... here's a new one that I haven't seen/heard done before. I am getting married on September 5th (of this year) and would like to put together a sequence or 2 to play at the wedding. I'm thinking more during the dancing time. Surprisingly, my dad is actually the one that has sort of asked me to do it. He thinks that it would be pretty neat and different of course.. So.... does anyone have any ideas on what music would be a good song to do it to?? Michael
  17. How do you attach the gels to the floodlights? Michael
  18. I went to Costco the other day and saw that they had PAR38 LED floodlights for around $13-$14, but they were bright white only (not colored). I was just looking to buy the white ones and then color them as needed, instead of buying a whole variety of colored floodlights. I could just use DanoNJ's idea of the mylar material... that would work on the LED floodlights as well. Just curious if there was anything out on the market to handle this. Michael
  19. I was wondering if anyone on PC has seen, made or owns any covers to put on your floodlights to make them a different color? I know that with the standard floodlights, the glass would get to hot to put plastic or rubber on it and they would melt. But, with LED floodlights, the heat output is substantially less. I wanted to use my white floodlights for both my Halloween and Christmas displays, but just put covers over the bulb to have different colors (i.e. orange, red, green, etc.) Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Michael
  20. The Michael's on Imperial Hwy. in La Habra has the floral easels as well. Michael
  21. Yeah, I know what you mean. They had a few trees left and I didn't even think about getting any of them. If they are still there this weekend, I may pick some up. First I've got to check the price on them. I don't know what they were originally. Michael
  22. Yeah, I know... Well, we are getting married at the beginning of September, so that is the reason for the move. I actually did my christmas display in Fresno this year. My fiance really loves being able to broadcast the music on an FM station and listen to it in the car. She was telling everyone (her friends, co-workers, etc.) about it and having them come by to check it out. As for Halloween, we will have a display going in Fresno, as well. This was the first year that we put together a display in Fresno. It turned out pretty well and some of the visitors thanked us for doing the dis
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