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    2008 will be 1st year of animaton. Should be fun. I'm enjoying everything so far!
  1. Are you kidding? The frog tape is wicked more expensive than the 3M. However, the frog tape is AWESOME! It somehow repels the paint, will not peel paint off the wall, and leaves a flawless straight edge...every time. Another HUGE benifit is that you can leave it on the wall for as long as you want and it will still come off very easily. In fact, it pulls off so easily that it's hard to understand how the paint doesnt bleed under! So, regardless of the cost, the frog tape is definately worth every penny. I painted the interior of my 2300 sq ft home with frog tape and hardly had any spots
  2. I personally liked the reuse of the halloween witches bowl. Putting GOLD lights pouring out of it for St. Patty's.....Genious!
  3. FYI - Just so everyone is aware, Snowflakes in Motion are no longer in business...Unfortunately!
  4. It sounds like we're gonna have another version of the "2007 Holdman" display....haha. Just messin' around.
  5. Skycraft has SPT2 at ONLY .08 a foot when you buy 1000+ feet.
  6. I want one of the Non-RDS units. How do I go about getting one of them instead?
  7. I am very interested in the regular one as well! Put me down for one! Thanks!
  8. I think he's saying to cut the bottoms off of the bottles and use them as "umbrellas" over the connections by tying the wires to strings secured inside by the caps. Right?
  9. Search "B1118 Holiday" in the search box to easily see all the banners us crazy folks would be interested in. :santasmileyitty:
  10. Link didnt work for me....
  11. I really dont quite understand what's the big issue with running extension cords 200'-300'? I plan on running somewhere near 3000'-4000' feet this year so 200-300 doesnt sound like much to most LOR users. I like the idea of coroplast with mini lights for the design of your sign. However, you mentioned that you might need to change your broadcast frequency somewhat regularly so coroplast won't work. I definately recommend a product called "Snap-n-glow". Daryl sells them at ChristmasLightShow.com. These would work GREAT for you because you could quickly and easily change what frequency it say
  12. http://www.christmaslightshow.com/xcart/product.php?productid=135&cat=22&page=1 Here's the link!! Press play on the player in the middle for the video....Hope I'm right!
  13. I think you might be refering to a video that used to be on ChristmasLightShow.com back when he sold the "Shooting Stars"...Maybe send daryl a PM and see if he still has the vid.
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