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    Call me shawniepooh. Some people on here dont like me do i care? NO i dont. Yes i do have a mouth and i know how to use it. Do i get mad? Yes only when stupid people are stupid and pick fights. Can i be really nice? Yes just ask Cars , Tom, Carrie and a whole lots more ..... Smoochhhhhhhhhhh
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    collecting nativitys, blowmolds, vintage decorations. I love it all
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    Nativities, santas etc. Now quitt being nosey

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  1. This one is hard plastic DO NOT USE STRIPPER it will melt the plastic.
  2. It's been a week or so since I've been here, sad to see you go. I know we had fun in the past here... not sure what happened there but fun times nonetheless! See you in 2012 and catch you, I'll be showing some repaints and display pics soon
  3. Some funny bunny actaually bid on it too lol 45 bucks lol Rare rare rare. Union Workers ??? LMAO too funny
  4. THat is cool and thanks. I do believe that Mr Snyder has that listed on his website as Poloron but i dunno myself. Hope you find some information on it ... Its Awsome
  5. yet another american pickers episode had a pumpkin and candle and poloron snowman in it tonight
  6. hes not so bad from a distance lit up and not lit up. i figured you and mel would get a kick out of it i know how much you two love the older vaccuform ones i know i do :-)
  7. Maybe thats what i was thinking about then... i know they did a lot of letters on their stuff. i like that stuff better lol. on a side note the lantern with the bow was in town too.... a lot of people had molds this year, old and new. nice to see the stuff coming back!
  8. on the science channel the new series "Oddities". The episode where they get the two headed cow, mummified cat and the coffin.... well where they buy the coffin in the barn theres an Empire 48" Santa. Not hard to find an object they are looking at he's right behind them. Very briefly there is another santa but i couldnt tell he was turned around. They also showed a choir boy.. looked like acrylic latex stuff. on a side note i cant stand half the people that go into the shop.....
  9. Dave and Mel, thanks a bunch! We figured it was gonna be noma or beco (i thought i saw on ebay somewhere beco made something that said seasons greetings on it... i slept since then).. it makes since Saint Joseph (MO) did have a Noma factory there downtown i think i heard that location went out in the 70s but i could be wrong... we have found GREAT noma items in town. the candle at the mall was about 15 feet up in the air i could not see what it was made out of but it had a good gash in it.. As for the santa i love him i want him lol. Mel, there is no markings what so ever on him i looked at hi
  10. no he's been outdoors since then, they display him every year, i saw it last year but they display him! he does look made but i think its because he hates the cold lol. looks like he's slipping
  11. I thought I would share this: I'm sure most people know, and I'm sure most feel the same way I do about Christmas. I decorate because a blowmold Poloron nativity was given to me as a kid one Christmas morning so I would finally leave my grandma's set alone . Since then I have spent many a year collecting and decorating and sharing the warmth that this season has spread to me. The smiles, the laughs, the dropped jaws all make it worth the painful and freezing hours it took to make the display. You can still call it trashy, but others have a different outlook. This season was full of lig
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