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  1. Just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a healthy, happy new year. After my tear down, I'll start working on our Mini-Plus. If you have any ideas don't forget to pass them on.
  2. Congratulations on getting something you really wanted. Merry Christmas!
  3. Hey all. Does anyone have a good method for attaching rope light to the edge of a shingle roof? If I had a good method, I could start decorating right now.
  4. Sorry for the goof. I meant to say "General Foam" Joseph and Mary.
  5. A friend of mine saved a Empire Joseph and Mary from going to the dump and passed them to me. I would like to find the matching Baby Jesus. Here is the Joseph blowmold on ebay http://www.ebay.com/itm/General-Foam-Nativity-Joseph-27-Tall-Plastic-Outdoor-Lighted-Blow-Mold-Decor-/111140012632?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item19e0760258#ht_1124wt_1170 Anyone have one to sell or know where I can find one?
  6. Hey everyone! Are your Ready???? This Saturday will be our 5th Annual Mississippi Mini-PLUS. Although the weather is HOT!!!, we will be in the cool of the large meeting room of the Flowood, Mississippi Library. We've got the soft drinks and goodies. Lunch will be there around 11:30. The fun will continue through our Dinner time at Cock of the Walk Restaurant over looking the Ross Barnett Reservoir. Don't forget to bring those show-n-tell projects and any newspaper/local tv accolades that you received from last season. BRUSH UP ON YOUR CHRISTMAS TRIVIA!!! Be careful in your travels and we'll see you on Saturday in Flowood, MS at the 5th Annual Mississippi Mini!
  7. Well, less than one week to the 5th annual Mississippi Mini. I hope everyone is excited. Make sure you bring a show-n-tell and plenty of waist-band for fried catfish. See you on Saturday..
  8. Actually for demonstration purposes, I am going to set up the Santa face to welcome people to the mini.
  9. Hey Scott, I don't know why I didn't call you about this. I want this to pick up people but not pets.
  10. I want to attach an outdoor motion sensor to an LOR mini director to operate a talking Santa face. I have the controller, mini-director, and the face, just need advice on an outdoor sensor. All help is appreciated.
  11. Greetings Deej, I have sent our brochure as a PDF to you via email. You should have it now.
  12. The Mississippi Mini that has turned more into a regional gathering will be held on August 11th in the large meeting room of the Flowood MS Library. If you would like to receive info by mail, send me your mailing address or check us out on our Mississippi Mini Facebook page or come to www.merrychristmasmississippi.com and look on the Mississippi Mini page.
  13. Come one come all to the 2013 Mississippi Mini. This will be our 5th in a row and promises to be a good time for all. Classes on DMX, Christmas Light Photography, Electricity Conservation, Soldering, and the list is growing each week. We will see friends from St. Louis to the Mississippi Gulf Coast and most of the surrounding states. Even if you have provided it before, please forward your physical Mailing address and I will send you a flier. We are really looking forward to the 2013 Mississippi Mini Gathering!
  14. I live in central Mississippi and the local weather guy just said the heat index is 99 degrees. This is what I need.
  15. Hey everyone. I am putting the agenda together for our Mississippi Mini this August and was thinking about some kind of LOR Demo, Class, Sequencing Competition, etc. Has anyone done this at a Mini? My main problem is in our venue, set up and take down must be done on the day of the mini. Any suggestions would be great.
  16. BroLarry


    Welcome to a great hobby and a great website/forum.
  17. Taking down the display always gets me to thinking about next year. Right now I already have a couple of projects moving from the drawing board to fabrication. But hearing about someone who can turn their lights on with SNOW, (I'm in Mississippi) Oh how I wish I could.
  18. Now why can't I do that? Just great Bill!
  19. One of these days I want to get some of those.
  20. That choir is very good and this is a wonderful way to incorporate more of the story of Christ's birth into our displays. Way to go!!!
  21. Greetings everyone, On Saturday I put up a big wireframe "Peace Dove". It is 15' in the air and was a booger to put up by myself. Before I put it up, I checked the LED's to make sure my efforts would not be in vain. All good. I got the wireframe up and secured, plugged her in and everything looked great. I just went outside to plug it in for tonight and all the lights on the body of the dove are out. I climbed up and checked the connections and they are ok. Any suggestions?
  22. Got up another 2,000 lights today. "It's beginning to look alot like.....OhhhhBoy!
  23. Glad to here that you are able to do some work on your display. Keep it up; but be careful.
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