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  1. What are CFL bulbs? The ones I use are the curly q style of bulb. They are only about inch maybe inch and a half long. Very small bulbs.
  2. Well Scott to PlanetChristmas. More info here than a person can read. Enjoy. IowaSanta
  3. I came up with a name for our gathering ICICLE (Iowa Connects Individual Christmas Lighting Enhusiasts). What does every one think or do you all have other ideas for a name?
  4. PM sent about the 13 gold minis. Thanks IowaSanta
  5. Can't win everyday. Sure it would be nice but if you won everyday, the days you do win won't be all that special. Better luck next time.
  6. I use those 40 watt energy saver bulbs that only use 10 watts of power. Nice and bright and can run more molds on one circut.
  7. DanoNJ , You have to admit he got you on that one. Had to read it twice to caught the slip up. Frank , Great responce quick thinking.
  8. Blow molds are alot like Marines no man gets left behind. Just can't pass up a mold. They look at you so sadly when you start to walk away and you can almost see the tears. I just have to take them home. Heck whats one more.
  9. Carrie, Thanks for the heads up from Santa
  10. We had the unthinkable happen here in town this week a man smothered his wife by holding her head in the couch cushions til she died because she backed the car in the garage door without opening it. I told my wife I don't care one bit about our garage doors ( scoring nice guy brownie points) but don't you dare run into my blow molds. She just laughed at me. She knows I'm just kidding.
  11. All thats missing is an Elmer Fudd. LOL
  12. Ok thanks. Got it on my calendar. Hope to see you then. IowaSanta
  13. I would also like to see a class on Sat. on blowmold repair and repaint. Sat. might be the only day I can make it. Am trying for the whole 3 days.
  14. I really am leaning towards the month of June. What does everyone else think? What date would work best for you? Do you want me to run with it or does someone else want to be in charge of it? I'll do what ever you guys want. I just brought it up, I don't have to be the one in charge unless thats what you want. I will check into website. IowaSantaClaus PS thanks for info Tim. Hadn't thought about time frame to implement new stuff learned.
  15. Not something I really know anything about, but if there is a class might be more informed about it and have an interest in it. Hope this helps. IowaSanta
  16. Nice angel Carrie. You must have some really nice friends.
  17. How does one get ahold of one of these catalogs? Love to see whats new.
  18. It also was thrown in about maybe a Aug or Sept. Kind of like the end of Sept. idea. We all are thinking Christmas, don't have to store info that long before you us it. This might work better. What does everyone think?
  19. Thanks for the info Carrie. You'll probally have to charge more for mine , I need one of those "oh my god" size t-shirts. LOL
  20. How would June the 5th work for everyone? Trying to get a date that won't cover anyone elses date up. Let me know if this will or won't work for you if interested in coming? We already have over a half dozen interested so this is going to happen.
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