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  1. Has a date been set yet? Planning an event in Iowa and don't want to over lap yours.
  2. Carrie, Any idea what the cost will be?
  3. Still frozen here in Iowa also. 2 more weeks in a leg brace hopefully its nice then so I can put stuff away or I may also have a Valentines Christmas display.
  4. Tryed to send you a message but it says you can't get personal messages.
  5. Welcome to PC Jim. IowaSanta here and we atttend last years SLAM and it was great. Might try to make the KC one this yr also.
  6. Thanks for invite Josh. Will have to see how things work out.
  7. Sorry this had to happen, Glad you'll be back bigger and badder next year. I worry about this every night. With my leg in a brace and on crutches I can't take down my display so it will be up a couple more weeks. Hopefully no one bothers it. We live in a small town where everyone knows your buss. before you do so that helps.
  8. Looks like a half dozen so far so lets get some thing rolling. Does anyone have a date in mind was thinking like a Sat. like 9-4? Maybe like the middle of May , first part of June? I can put it on here or if someone has a better idea I'm open to suggestions? Does anyone have a talent they would like to share/teach?
  9. Is this item still avaliable? And is the price shipped to the door or is there shipping on top of that price?
  10. Thanks Carrie for the info. We want to come to your mini but thats the annv.weekend of the casino where the wife works and its a big todo for them and it is almost impossible to get time off. But if we can swing it we will be there.
  11. Is there going to be a 2010 SLAM or was this an every other year thing. Can't remember, we had a great time last year.
  12. Either weekend is fine with me if we are able to come. Sent you a PM. Hope to see you then. It would be the wife and I.
  13. Very nice display. I too love the landing lights.
  14. How about Wisconsin Area Christmas Collectors Enthusiast and Decorators WACCED but i like WAM also.
  15. I would like to applogize to magii for the comments I made earlier today about proving it had been done. He sent me a couple utube videos that are dated 2006 and 2008 and a posting from 2009 about it. So yes he proved his point. Webbs is still the first one I've ever seen. Don't have time to scour the net looking either so that might be why. So again I applogize for calling you out.
  16. The way some of you are nit picking and beating down the new guy (webb300) its a wonder anyone joins and posts on this site. Members went looking for him bragging about his tree he did, he didn't come here bragging he was tracked down and invited to join. Get off his back unless you can prove someone built one before him to the calibur of the one he built. I thought the rules here are Positive, Family friendly, and Christmas centric. I know this rant doesnt follow the rules but it needed said.
  17. Just to let everyone know Webb is one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. IowaSantaClaus
  18. Man , I havent heard the term "coffee break" in a gillion years. Yeah it would work if there are enough guys/gals in your local area. But will peoples busy schedules and price of gas people just can do the distances more then once or twice a year. Thanks for making me think about those old CB days. I even still remember our call letters back when you had to have a license.
  19. Sorry to hear about your loses. Maybe someone will get that guilty feeling and bring them back . Has happen before might happen again.
  20. Dont trash them, just about anyone would want them. Wheres your friend at?
  21. When I talked with James in Davenport this season I mentioned the idea of a Iowa mini and he thought it was a good idea. Is there any intrest from anyone in Iowa or the surrounding states. If you are interested you can post here or private message me. We attended the one in St. Louis last year and it was a lot of fun. Plan on attending the Chicagoland mini and possibly the Wisc mini also this year.
  22. No problem its a busy time of year.
  23. Happy New Years to one and all (even the non blowmolders).
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