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  1. Merry Christmas to all the Iowans here on Planet Christmas from Iowa Santa Claus & Mrs. Iowa Claus
  2. Nice to see them caught and held accountible for their actions. Hopefully it will send a message to other that this will not be overlooked.
  3. John , here is a link I found to the story about you in the Burlington Hawkeye. Very nicely done. http://www.thehawkeye.com/Story/lights-122009e.
  4. Spend the weekend in this area over the weekend. Wow there are a ton of great looking light displays but the creamn da la creamed is on Highway 6 between LaSalle and Utica. You can not miss his huge mega tree with star on top.What an outstanding light show. Anyone traveling thru make time to stop and see Scott's display.
  5. Very kool john. Yes you might start looking . Its great that you are getting press time and tv time. Let us know where and when to look for ya. Still plan on getting by before you shut it down this year.
  6. Sorry about the outbid. We are going to have to meet one of these days. Just havent made it your way yet to see your display. IowaSanta
  7. Dang made me get a lil weepy eyed. Thats how I look at it, if it just makes one persons day then its all worth while. My mom loves it and drives by all the time looking to see whats new. As long as someone sees it. I drive by my own display twice a night , once on my way to work then back by in the truck later.
  8. Called my daughter who goes to Goodwill every Wed. for quarter day to see if she saw any blowmolds. She said yeah there was like somekind of singers/carolers there. So I thought I'd go see if by chance there were still there and low and behold they were. So I got the man, lady w/child and the lamp post all for $15.38. Was amazed they were still there and just yesterday I said thing had dryed up an look here. The second pic is the stuff I picked up on ebay for 47.01, big Santa head, short Santa, snowman w/green coat, Santa waving w/list,drummer boy and 2 big snowmen.
  9. Great finds. Nice items. It sure has been slow around here for finds. Just have to count or blessing when we do find good finds.
  10. Very nice finds. Good job.
  11. Funny how this site has away of corrupting semingly normal people into lighting fanatics. It is grerat though and you do have a nice display with room for lots more. IowaSanta
  12. What you miss out on when work keeps you away from home and can get on here. Was in progress of messaging and saw there where more pages and read it was sold. Had a nice lil tryrant about how I hate my job for this reason and now I feel better still bummed but better.
  13. Glad to hear you got it all fixed Jeremy. Sounds like the roof angle was fun in the snow. Sounds like the rest of the season is going to be mild just cold. Good luck everyone. IowaSanta
  14. Glad hear hear. Going to try to make it up there next Friday night if all works out. Had to go pickup some blowmolds in Illinois tonight or would have been there tonight.
  15. Glad to hear you are up and running again. To bad about the bows. Hopefully this is it for weather problems til the end of the season.
  16. Very nice display. I too love the ice cream shack. Santa can not survive on just cookies.
  17. Glad I got there last weekend to see it. How did the mega tree do? I bet that was fun trying to get the cars out of the drive with the arches crippled over them. Well good luck on the repairs and if you only run half a show well its better then nothing and I'm sure people would understand. Later IowaSanta
  18. Great to hear. Someone up above was watching over us on this one.
  19. We guys and gals whats the damage reports. Hope they were kept to a minimum. So much work hate to see it damaged.
  20. Hope you have enough time before your big weekend to get it up and running. Maybe you'll be lucky and not much damage. Hope so anyway. Good luck on your big weekend. IowaSanta
  21. Yeah they are calling for up to 16 inch over next day and a half, with 40 mile per hour winds gusting to 50. Hold on Toto we aint in Kansas anymore. Will probable play heck with the power lines. Hope not.
  22. Thanks Jeremy that was the song she was asking about.
  23. Good job everyone one there part in the show. The neebie guy was a lil different. Maybe they should have picked someone that at least had a clue about lighting. But in all it was good. I started to get a lil teary eyed on Bill's dedication.
  24. Well from the count we got from the car it looked like 44999 to us but hey we might have missed one. LOL Just kidding it looked great. Almost came to the door but didnt want to bother you. We'll meet someday. Later IowaSanta
  25. Great looking display. The best thought out plan dont always come toghter just perfectly.
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