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  1. Well after finishing up at the mall and then supper at the Red Robin we headed to Norwalk to check out Jeremys display. Very kool. Nice use of the arches and mega tree, the tree made from the mini windmill was kool also.The wife would like to know the name of the song with the guy mostly talking . Also just down and around from Jeremys is a beautifly light tree from top to bottom. So we came back around to Jeremys so I could program the TomTom for Suzies and the song with the guy talking was on again, may we loved that song. Then we left Norwalk head for Des Moines to Suzies place, Very kool
  2. I will be at the West Glen Town Center Mall in West Des Moines today as Santa Claus so we will be checking out Suzie and Jeremy lighting display. Can't wait to see them. Later for know. IowaSanta
  3. Oh man hate to hear that. Way to much work to have the computer and controllers go down. Tell him best of luck maybe he will be able to salvage part of the year. Thanks for the update.
  4. I got a call this summer about buying this lady display stuff because she did want it anymore so we headed over to look to see if we wanted it or not. When we walked up there sat Santa/sleigh and a single deer. I would have bought it all just to get the blowmolds. But before we started she told me I could have the blowmold weather I bought the stuff or not she did want it and it was free for the taking. I bought all her stuff just because of this, plus she gave me a price I couldnt refuse.
  5. Thanks for the correction. Sound close but way off on the spelling.
  6. Well the misses and I have been working the last several days and we set up our first display. Some lights, about 40 blowmolds. It is small and still in progress but its a start. It lights up the neighbors house acrossed the street and on both sides of me. Man those blowmolds are bright, man I want more blowmolds. The hunt is on. It can be seen at 414 North Railroad St. in Ainsworth. If you are this way check it out. Nice lil town and quite a few light houses. Also the opera house will be doing the nativity display the next 2 weekends. Over 1000 natvities on display from around the world.
  7. Lit more then a drunk on New Years eve. Man I love that saying. Got the dvr set and waiting.
  8. Glad I'm not the only one that teared up. Sounds like the teenager just needed some guidence and may have found it in your son, you and your Christmas display. You may have found another Christmas junkie not that that is all bad. He may have the big lighting display in the years to come and owe it all to you and your son. Makes a person feel good to read a story like this.
  9. Is your address 847 Temporary Rd in Iowa City. If not please correct me. I will be coming by one of these night I live in Ainsworth about 25 miles south of Iowa City. Look forward to meeting you. IowaSantaClaus
  10. John how would one find your place are you in town or out in the country. Planning on making it down before the end of the year. Street addresses make it easy to fine with the gps. Got to love the gps systems. Thanks Iowa
  11. Jeremy , how does no find your place. Went to your site but couldn't find an address. Will be coming by Saturday night.
  12. Thanks Carrie will try and see how it works out .
  13. Trust me James I'll be back. Thanks for the invite.
  14. Carrie , I have a Santa blowmold that was given to me because someone tryed to paint the eyeblack and it ran down the face alil. How can I get that paint off so I can us him in my display? Thank for any help. Iowa
  15. Iowa Santa and Mary here. We would like to thank you all for last summers SLAM. We for the first time we set up a display this year, it is small scale but we love it and are hooked. So thanks to all of you for hooking a couple more on the lighting displays. Michael & Mary Sypherd
  16. Well last night after a day of decorating the yard we headed out to the Quad City to veiw the lights. We started out at James Peachee. He wasn't finished or up and running yet but it was a sight to see even in the dark. I also got to meet James who was a heck of a nice guy. His whole neighborhood is decorated for the most part. If you make it to James place check out the house down the street done in all blue leds wow is it blue. Next we visited a friends display in Pakview, Ia. Very nice diplay with some blowmolds, puffys and newer carosel and merry go round. Then it was off to The Snowmans p
  17. She has a hole the size of an orange in her head. She is an Empire mold. So we improvised we set out the nativity but instead of lighting them ind. we just set up a spot light on them to show there presence. Turned out very nice. Will get ahold off you Carrie after the season to see if sees fix able. Thanks for everyones responce.
  18. Well today was so nice and the neighbors had their blowmolds out so I got mine out to put out for the first time. Was getting them out of the shed when crunch, my thumb went right through Virgin Marys forhead and top of head. So I'm in need of a Mary if somebody has an extra one just standing around.
  19. Wheres Jesup from Cedar Rapids and is his display easy to fine?
  20. Welcome mel4853 will have to make a trip to CR to check it out I'm just 40 mins south of you. Could I get address's to put in my tomtom to hunt you up. Thanks IowaSantaClaus (Michael)
  21. Will do. As the parent of a US Marine serving in Afghanistan they love all mail they can get. Only no no's on packages is NO alcohol, pork and pornography.
  22. That is one thats on my list was just looking for more. Its not the size of the display its the thought and effort you put into it. One string or ten thousand strings you took the time to do it and thats what counts. Dont sell your self short. Good luck this year. I'll just have to drive till I find more lights.
  23. TomTom sure makes looking for Christmas lights easy if you have the address it just tells me where to go. Like I dont get told that enough LOL.
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