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  1. Luck did not hold out on the lottery. But can't win them all. Will have a pic in a day or so.
  2. Was crusin the craigslist site in my area and found some blowmolds free you pick them up. So I emailed my number to him if he still had them, add was only couple hours old. He called and said they were mine if I wanted them. Great , I'll be there in a hour I said.When we got there he said he had been trying to give them away and nobody wanted them so he put them on craiglist and got 8 hits luckly i was first. Got a Santa, snowman, 2 candles and 2 nutcrackers. While we were out wife found a dollar in the snow so we bought a lotto ticket hope our luck holds out.
  3. John how long after Christmas will the lights be on til Jan 1 or off before.
  4. Man what a couple strands of electric fence would do. And people wonder why people don't do any outside lighting stuff anymore with idiots like this running around.
  5. How are the lighting displays in Iowa doing with all the wind, ice, and snow. Planning on making it to the Davenport and Williamsburg area before year end. Are there any light diplays in southeast Iowa. Was just wondering before making the drive. Merry Christmas to all.
  6. Ok I have her book "The Best Christmas Decorations in Chicagoland" in must be from 1995 . will be checking into this book by her.
  7. What is this book? Is all light displays?
  8. After my night at the North Pole Express in Mt Pleasant , Ia we got another treat, the wonderful light display put on by Dave Ruby at 407 W. Broad St. With only about 9000 light and an lor contoller or 2 he has really put it toghter nice and it looks like alot more then that. This is Daves first year doing this and plans to make it bigger next year. If you get a chance to swing by its worth a look. Job well done Dave.
  9. The wife and I stumbled across a very kool lighting display with the help of a very good friend in LaSalle. He said man you got to go see this so we went and when we rounded the corner I was like oh my god this is the stuff i read about on PlanetChristmas. Of course my friend was in ah when I told him about controllers and computer programs that I had read about on PlanetChristmas. So after supper the wife and I went back on our way to the motel. After watching for awhile I got out to leave a donation and ask if they were on PlanetChristmas and he replyed you know about that, Yes I did. He was
  10. iowasantaclaus


    Hey I'm here also Southeast Iowa - Ainsworth
  11. I picked up my finds from Craigs list today @ Santa's (different) 2 snowmen, 2 North Poles,1 Santa face, 1 teddybear, and a full nativity scene, all free for the taking or the guys was haulin them to the landfill. Some days are just worth getting up for. Will post some pics soon.
  12. I had the chance to meet Wally last year while on the Friday night trip with the C.W. Howard Santa Claus School at Bronners in Oct. He was a very talented man , could sing , tell jokes , stories that where unforgetable and could speak so many languages . I was luck enough to get2 books and a Wally Bronner Possible Dreams figure signed by him. He signed so many things that night I'm sure he had cramps by the end of the night . His books are very good reading. He will be missed by so many. Til we meet again, Good Bye Wally
  13. I got them will be picking them up Sat. Will post a pic then. Thanks Christmas Delight for posting that. Can't wait to meet you in Chicago in August.
  14. I just emailed them its only about 40 miles from me. We'll see if they still have them.
  15. mliquori, If you checked with the city and you ain't breaken no rules don't worry about one letter. I like the idea with the daughters boyfriends band. If you would like you can move to small town Iowa and we would be happy to have you and your display. Good luck , I've seen your house on one of the Christmas shows and it is way kool.
  16. Phone prefix 616 is for Grand Rapids MI.
  17. Peggy13 here what I found out about your ornament in Christmas Ornaments,Lights, and Decorations -Collectors Identification & Value Guide Vol II. It is a Moon Mullins with Annealed Legs Type II approx5 1/2". He is dressed in a long buttoned coat with a bow tie. His left hand is at his side, and the right is at the lapel of his coat. He wears a rounder cap with a thick brim. He has free-blown annealed (two separate pieces of glass melted or fused toghter rather than molded in one piece)legs. He has also been referred to as an early 1905 version of "Foxy Grandpa". Without legs $150-175 With
  18. I vote for the 18 wheeler . As a truck driver I'll have to have one of those when and if avaliable. As the song says "Santas got a semi with a wreath on the grill and a star on the hood."
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