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  1. Got some stuff up at Moms she is really in the Christmas spirit this year. My son and his family are home on leave from Marine Corp. so hope to get most of it done this weekend
  2. How are all the great Iowa Christmas lighters doing? Didnt realize how long I'd been gone.
  3. I can help bounce. Anyone that runs into me is going to bounce, you know with the belly that shook like a bowl of jelly thing going on. LOL
  4. Those are the kind of friends a guy needs a ton of.
  5. May your cake be covered with molds rather then candles.
  6. Did anyone watch American Pickers last night and see the blow molds the first guy they went to had. You had to watch as they panned around the rooms and you would see various blow molds. Wondered if any one else saw the show.
  7. I can tell you forsure Santa Claus is real!!!
  8. We have our eye out for you also. It sure was nice meeting you and your husband on Saturday. We had a great time bsing with you guys. Great people you are. Thanks again for the molds. Couldn't have worked out much better.
  9. That must be common for the king to have a dent in his nose the one I have does and everyone I've seen does. I'm sure there are some out there that don't. Very nice haul. Very nice molds.
  10. Very nice video and a very nice collection.
  11. Just thought I'd see how everyone was handling the snow. Personally I've seen enough. I'll never get my stuff put away it might still be there next year at this rate. Well everyone have a nice day. :-)
  12. Its all the blow molds in that area putting to much pressure on the earth. To keep them safe better start sending to various locations around the country. LOL
  13. Welcome to PlanetChristmas. Grab cup of something to drink and a comfy chair because there is so much to read here. Enjoy
  14. Very nice find. A whole set would be super to see. Probably hard to find but kool to see.
  15. Count me in, I'd take one. Don't really do inflatables but I would this one.
  16. Congrats Tim, thing are really looking up for you.
  17. Well we just got the shirt design done. It turned out very nice. They will be avalible for the small fee of $10.00. Will have a pic on website later today. If you would like a shirt or can't attend and want to help support the event pm me. Thanks
  18. Great finds. It was your lucky day.
  19. From one Mike to another Mike, Welcome to PlanetChristmas
  20. Welcome to PlanetChristmas.
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