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  1. This is our 2012 outdoor Christmas display. New this year are 4 CCR's and 14-4' trees.
  2. Lots of work as you all know very well and it was VERY disapointing. I expierenced the opposite of your disapointment. Just half way through putting up the lights on my house I plugged it in to see what would happen, since this was my first year doing amimation with music. I was beside my self that it actually worked. I still go out and watch by my self and still amazed that I put this display up. I live at the end of a cul-de-sac so there is no traffic but one night I was out there and one of the neighbors walking thier dog said to me that our display was like a gift for the neighborhood.
  3. Where can i find, Miracle on 34 Street Overture? I looked on amazon mp3s and ITunes. I thought this would be very easy to find. Allen
  4. Chuck Love the sign, maybe I will drive down to see it. Allen
  5. Do you use these indoor extension cords outside? Allen
  6. Thanks for the replys I am sure it can be a touchy subject, I do belong to an Ornament site very similar to this. I will keep investigating and probably take Chuck up on his offer. Looking forward to diving in the blinkie blinkie world soon. Allen
  7. This is my first post and I know most of you have seen this question hundreds of times. I have been reading posts and looking at web sites for some time now. I DO want to go animated and can not decide which one is best for me. Whats the main difference between the different systems. thanks in advance Allen
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