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  1. That is the total we are having documented as our total raised just here at our show this year. I am still scratching my head at that total of over $24,000!

    Thanks to Mr. Jim for helping find us a match as well. Not just for our show but all shows on the Tour!

    We had a few other shows here on the Pa. Tour Of Lights with some incredible shows as well as amazing totals as well and raised another $20,000 on top of our shows total.

    Over $44,000 in total on the Tour Of Lights that was documented and given to Caties Wish ( www.Catieswish.org ) and in turn helps pay for St. Jude childrens Hospital to operate for 1 day a year (Caties Birthday) in memory of a 7 year old who lost a short battle with cancer.

    Thanks to Rj, Kc,DIYLA,DIYC, Frank, Kevin c. and countless others who have helped me with my show in some way. Also Lucas who without his help I may have needed a couple more hours figuring out the simplest DMX problem a few nights before opening night.

    Check www.PaTourOfLights.com for more info. Some incomplete videos up for 2010 but new ones to be added soon.

    Located in Pa. and interested in being a part next year? Let us know!

    God Bless,

    Ron D.

  2. The mega tree in manheim at Don Krasleys show is worth the drive just to see it. His circle yard grid is a very unique feature as well as an overall great show.

    The Tour Of lights will run for 2 more weeks for anyone located in Pa. and were all collecting for St. Jude Childrens Hospital.

    So far just here at our show we have raised well over $11,000 and fram a Christmas light display I am still amazed how our friends, Family and community have come out to support this great cause!

    Merry Christmas and May all your holidays be as bright as an ALL ON clip here at the Duszak Family Light Show!

    Ron D.

  3. We had a pretty crazy weekend. Not sure but so far just here at our show we have already raised over $8,700. Really just amazed what we have been able to do with our show and the past week not only can i not leave I barely get a chance to run in the house to warm up.

    Im gonna try and get up there if possible in Jan as well and if anyone is located in pa. please check out www.patouroflights.com for info on 6 great shows around the central pa area. 1 guy even sequences with his elbows! Just kidding kinda but 6 great shows raising money for a great cause.

    show intro


    canon rock


    all i want for christmas


    amazing grace


    The best songs are not yet up but we have 12 total. If it were any brighter here in Camp Hill it would like the house is on fire! Running 404 channels and nearly 70,000 lights and were not afraid to use em!

  4. Hello Greg and I am from Tunkhannock. We will run from 5:30-10:30 this weekend and fri and sat santa will be here from 6-9. I already have interest from someone wanting to start a new show in your area and grow the tour of lights your way. Depending on how long into next year you run I may swing up your way as well.

    Some other great shows right near me and we have 6 great animated shows within 45 minutes of Harrisburg.

  5. we have six animated shows within 30 miles or so of Harrisburg Pa.

    Our show is over 400 channels and we are wirelessly controlling not only our house but 9 others and this year are running 65,000+ lights here in camp hill pa. Last year we were able to raise well over $10,000 for St. Jude Childrens hospital and all six shows are also raising money for the same charity.

    Another show is 128 channels and just a few miles from me.

    The show in Manheim has a 30'+ tall mega tree

    The show in chamersburg has a 12' tall leaping arch

    The show in hanover has a droid app and you can control his lights from your droid

    More info can be found at www.patouroflights.com

    If your in central Pa. there is a show near you!

    my show opener- http://www.vimeo.com/17672043 full show is 10 songs and a few voiceovers(thanks Demented elf)



  6. We used some scrap wood and i even had to paint it outside at night at about 35 degrees.

    I can only speak for me but people just knowing your trying to do something for the community just says it for you. We will be adding jingle bells for a local elected officials family that recently passed away(our only township supporter) and little drummer boy for someone who lost two children years ago. We try and give something back and to incorperate it into the light show makes it even more rewarding for me.

    I think the guys that stepped up and became part of The Tour Of lights were a big part of the success of our show as well and we could not have come close without them!

    It would be great to have 500 channels or 100,000 lights but to be a part of what we did is well more rewarding because we did it all for something greater then ourselves.

    We already have 3 more people just starting shows and increasing the size of the tour for next year. One of the new shows the guy already ordered 9 lynx express controllers and he has his soldering iron hot and starting out over 25,000 lights and is already sequencing using vixen! Seeing the tours shows has him starting big as most of us did and you can start big, but stick to your plan!

    Also another guy on the tour has a dinky little box that could be missed from 5 feet away but he was able to raise over $2,100 so I dont think the box is what does it.

    Don k's show had a voiceover clip and when he mentioned the collection box what he did with the sequencing during that part was simply amazing and the coolest bit of sequencing i may have ever seen. You will have to see for yourself next year what he did but i wanted to run home and change mine because it was so cool. I could really see how hard he worked not only on his show but also his efforts just towards the fundraiser and glad to have people onboard like that.

  7. This year was a giant success with the four of us raising about $16,000 for St. Jude Children's Hospital.

    We would like to plan some sort of mini within the next two months to help anyone thinking of joining us for the 2010 Tour!

    We will plan to have several types of controllers and software available for anyone new to see. Also info on how to buy pre made controllers and we will have plenty of do-it-yourself controllers for you to see how easy it can be. If you start early it really is easier then you think and if you need any help we can gladly lend a hand and one of us is nearby!

    We will hope to have another follow up get together in the summer and currently this years tour will be at least 6-7 locations. If your interested in making Central Pa. even brighter this year use this thread and let us know!

  8. Hey tazer, if you saw don's show im sure you saw he was on a dead end road but truly brought it back to life.

    Im using do it yourself controllers and i use www.diylightanimation.com and www.doityourselfchristmas.com and a 16 channel controller can be built in a case and heatsink under $100. if you want to meet up sometime i can make some time to show you some stuff or Don im sure would gladly help.

    My arches needed to fit a yukon under them so i figured 10.5 feet would work and they are rolled steel and 2 piece. Don's star is 60' above the road on a steel cable and im not sure what you think but he isnt afraid to use all those lights either. He and i started a small club last year and we hope to get you in the mix as well for next years tour.

  9. We also started our first animated show last year as a fundraiser and built the show around it. we give out tri fold flyers about the tour of lights and all four of us did this as a group and i think the communities understood the "why" behind our efforts.

    There is a big reason why I choose to help St. Jude Childrens Hospital and we have narrow roads and traffic issues but I will deal with it as the show grows.

    Our goal for next years tour of lights is already $50,000!. This years tour totaled out at over $16,000 and we are having our last night tonight and I have a special showing tomorrow night for a family.

    It's not the amount thats important buy the "why" behind it for me. I am proud of what we did and the others that joined our efforts but the fact we can help someone else by doing this has been and will be what pushes to to make the world a brighter place.

    The Demented Elf used info found on our website and put together great voiceovers about the fundraiser and if you have not used him, we had lots of comments about how professional they were. We actually animate the musical background to the voiceovers and he really has a way of say just the right thing and I love to build it all myself and program from scratch but I will continue working with him every year. I see more people get out and make a donation when those clips are on by far then at any point.

    Also on your websites have a Santa night. We raised $500+ just on santa night and when you do interviews have them be about the fundraiser as much as possible. Being proud of the show should be expected but building it around a fundraiser just has a way of shining thru.

    Ron D.

  10. We tried to get any others in the area in the mix and even with the 4 we had it was truly a humbeling experience to see the community support this great cause.

    Anyone raising for any charity no matter the amount is a BIG deal. Even a small amount can make a world of difference and without small fundraisers big places cannot make it.

    We have info on our site we were given directly from St. Jude Childrens hospital and if anyone else is interested in any info about planning a tour in your own area let us know.

    Ask them about the flash inserts, they are the best part of our site.

    We created tri-fold brochures for each show and inside gave info on them as well as directions to the other shows on the tour.It was amazing how many people went out and completed the tour even though 1 house was 30 miles east and another was 40 miles south. At least 15 came back and let us know they completed the tour so next year we expect allot more.

  11. We do a 300+ channel display here in Central Pa. and were able to raise over $10,000 just here at our show.

    We put a post here looking for others and created a "Tour Of Lights" and had 3 other families join us to create the tour. Between Our show, Boucher family lights, Narel family lights and Krasleys Counrty Christmas(home of a 30' animated mega tree) we will be able to donate right around $16,000 to St. Judes.

    The tour was a success beyond what I could have hoped and without the 3 others taking part we could not have accomplished what we did and and we are setting even higher goals for next year.

    We are looking to grow our show to 400+ channels next year and anyone within 60 miles of Camp Hill Pa. (zip 17011) interested in joining the tour please let us know.

    Visit www.patouroflights.com

  12. Great job on the show to all. Even the new guy on the show, i have a feeling will be working on his show much earlier next year. He may not put up that amazing number of over a quarter million lights but neither will most anyone on here.Really impressed with all on the show and enjoyed taking time time to finally watch it in full on dvr.

  13. Here are a few. Kept the best songs for those who come out to see. Running dxm wireless to neighbors, across the street on a few houses and the Large 70' tree out back.

    Check www.duszakfamilylights.com for info on our "Tour Of Lights" in the Central Pa. Area with several other members from planet Christmas that joined us in an effort to raise money for St. Jude Childrens Hospital.

    Wizards In Winter--- http://www.vimeo.com/7972764

    Canon Rock--------- http://www.vimeo.com/7973139

    Amazing Grace------ http://www.vimeo.com/7973720

    So this is Christmas- http://www.vimeo.com/7973951

    All I want for Cmas-- http://www.vimeo.com/7973615


    Many more and the best songs for those who come out and see.

    3 other great shows on the "tour of lights" and if your in central Pa. there is sure to be one near you. info on all the shows is available on the website.



  14. I have a few ren 24's for sale. Make an offer but make sure the offer consists of an individually apology to every person any of your posts offended. I know that may seem like a steep price but thats just part of my price. Shipping not included.


  15. No site for me as well but planning a to have a few animated channels. From camp hill pa. and as big a steelers and psu fan as there is. pland include a 152 channel mega tree and in the you tube clip there are 2 of the 4 arches i threw together in a few weeks.

    any way maybe i can run into you guys at a steelers game or psu game or anyone local want to share ideas shoot me an email.

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