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    First year with LOR!! Using color changes between clear and blue. I lost track of lights used after 10,000!
  1. I was surprised this morning to see the local news had been out doing some filming, my house is the first one shown and the inspiration for the music:) http://kdrv.com/page/198936
  2. I feel the pain, Mega tree ran until it started raining tonight. My lawn is a swamp this year:(
  3. Welcome Paul! Dave, What is up with the pillars?! Same show for me this year with a few more songs if I get the urge. Considered taking the year off, but I just can't let myself come to that conclusion. 2011 will be totally re-done! Halloween is up and running as long as this weekend's storm doesn't blow it all away.
  4. towerman

    Anybody here ?

    Darin, Well, looks like we will be able to keep our roots in Southern Oregon. I very much enjoyed the job I held in Portland But I accepted another position in Southern Oregon that better suits my background. No pulling up roots, life should return back to some form of normal!
  5. towerman

    Anybody here ?

    Darin, No idea as of yet, any input would be great! I am in Wilsonville for the time being, but want to look for the best school system for the kids. Any input would be appreciated! I was kind of looking towards the south-west side, althoutgh Oregon city area doesn't seen too bad either, I was just told to stay out of the NE area, Gresham, ect,,
  6. towerman

    Anybody here ?

    Hey all Oregonians! Looks like we will be pulling up our southern Oregon roots and be moving up to the Portland area this year. I have accepted a new job in the Portland area, so the Fam will be following me soon. It looks like I will also have a new "canvas" for 2010. A close friend of mine does the Christmas ships every year, and it looks like we will be doing a nice animated display on his boat this year! Should be fun!
  7. towerman

    Any luck so far?

    I went with 15 channels on it:D She ended up almost being 40' + 3000 minis, I guess that could qualify it as a Mega Arch!
  8. towerman

    Any luck so far?

    Yup, that's our funace vent up there! It does add a cool effect when it is running, it was all of about 19* or so when I was filming, I'm done with this "Bend" weather.
  9. towerman

    Any luck so far?

    Here's what I'm lookin like!
  10. towerman

    Any luck so far?

    After several weeks of chasing gremlins, we are running at 100% tonight! Light O Rama and their customer support are the best! Thank you guys for the replacment controller! I'll have some video posted soon:)
  11. You can thank the empty suits in Salem for chasing business to Washington.
  12. Before we started having kids, my wife and I took our convertable Mustang on a two week tour through Vegas, The Grand Canyon, and all the parks in southern Utah. Zion ended up being our most memorable stop. Well that and the sunburn from having the top down for most of the trip!!
  13. My Brother in law lives on the North side of Albany, needless to say we're up there ALOT. I'm hoping to get up there in a few weeks. I'll let you know when, you golf?
  14. Sound good to me! July or August would work out better at least for me.
  15. I don't know if I know any jokes that would fall under the three rules:D
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