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    My husband and I reside on a mountain in New Hampshire. He is a retired correction officer and I am now a homemaker. We have 2 grown children and one 17 year old. We were originally from Massachusetts and moved to NH around 6 years ago. We were both Cub Scout leaders, and enjoyed working with many volunteer community events. We have two dogs, two cats, fish and because we live on a mountain , all the wild life available.
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    Crafts, Holiday Decorating, Baking, Camping,Entertaining
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    My display is fairly large we have a little over 200 blowmolds (love them) several holographs, wireframe reindeer, moose, angel, polar bears, penquins etc.We outline the house with C-7's, minis etc. We are working on trying to get our tree trunks wrapped this year as we they are extremely tall. We decorate several artifical trees, wire trees, our lilac bushes and our fence.We mainly do a static display as my oldest has a seizure disorder. We lost our dear friend to cancer a few years back and now we do a fundraiser for Hospice, we call our display Lights for Laurie.

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  1. I love it! Beautiful, very original!
  2. Absolutely Beautiful! Great Job!
  3. Very nice display, I love your choir and sleigh!
  4. Very nice display, train is awesome! Congrats on the Channel 6 as well!
  5. Absolutely beautiful! Great display!
  6. Elaine

    New Here!

    Welcome from one blowmolder to another! Great to have you aboard!
  7. Looks wonderful, bet you can see your house from 3 blocks away, what fun!
  8. Just got a chance to check out your post. Great job and it looks fantastic!
  9. Very nice display, looks great!
  10. Wonderful show! Good to see you kept a lot of great molds!
  11. Well done, your display looks awesome!
  12. Your display looks wonderful! I love your molds.
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