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    Bowie, MD
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    Was married in 1963. Had four children who loved Christmas and blowmolds. Started collecting blowmolds in the 60's. Not many....my husband and neighbors hated them. I now have over three hundred. (No one knows this but you and me)
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    Art, travel, grandchildren, restoring a 1964 Airstream Bambi trailer. Oh, I almost forgot, BLOWMOLDS!!!!!!!!
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    I put out a very small display. A few lights and around 15 blowmolds. I do, Halloween, Easter and Christmas. I love doing a Halloween display more than Christmas.
  1. Thanks Mel, This looks to be just what I need. I have not received him yet.....just hope I will have all the pieces. Will let you know when I get him together. Janice
  2. Hi, hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I purchased a NOS Empire waving santa in sleigh. It's all in parts with no instructions on how to put it together. If anyone out there has the instructions, I would love to have a copy. My computer is broken so I'm using the one at the library......will check back in a few days to see if anyone responds. Thanks, Janice
  3. Merry Christmas to all of you and have a happy 2010. Janice
  4. I'm here for the same reasons everyone has stated......to share, learn and make friends. We are a very unique group of people so problems will arise but, as I have personally learned, problems can be prevented with a little careful thought before you start to type. With this said, I pray I'm not the guilty one this time. Janice
  5. Carrie, do you cut the damaged part larger and make a patch and glew it in or melt it in? It's amazing work. Janice
  6. I would just cut up an old plastic storage box or lid. You can get them in almost any color. The plastic seems thicker in the storage containers.
  7. Buddy, You really have a haunted attic there. If you need a good exorcist, just let me know. Janice
  8. Hi Karen, Sent you a PM. Janice Bridgers
  9. Well, in your next lifetime, there will be no blowmolds. Better be kind to them while you're here.
  10. "I might get pissed one day and knock her head off". Shawn, STOP right now and go wash your mouth out with soap. Bad boy!
  11. Thanks everyone! Will start saving the milk jugs.
  12. That's like .81 cents each. Way to go. Janice
  13. Hi Carrie, Krylon has so many colors I like that are not made for plastic. Is it possible to spray a stripped blowmold with Triple-Thick Crystal Clear Glaze for plastic and then use spray paint over it that not designed for plastic? Do you think the non plastic spray paint would stick to the clear glaze? If not, is there another way to use paint not designed for plastic? Thanks, Jan
  14. Shawn, what gold paint are you using on your repaints? Thanks, Janice
  15. Very clever.............makes it look perfect!
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