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  1. I was just wondering if any one had a pic or link so I can see what the new santa train looks like. For a bonus does anyone know where you can go and see all of gf new molds for this year? Thanks in advance I have had no luck on my own so im turning to the smartest blowmold people in the world.
  2. Thanks thats great news with union making a come back and now this general foam will lose thier monopoly and hopefully lower prices
  3. Just to let you all know Rose department store is carrying grand venture blowmolds this year. They have the snowman the santa with the toy sack with the toy soilder in it, and the white pine cone candles. They are very reasonable priced. Also kmart has mary joseph and jesus and the penguin made by general foam. I dont know how roses got grand venture molds seeing as they have been out of business for awhile? But they do. Hope this helps some of you with your hunt for molds.
  4. I havent been on in awhile but I wanted to tell everyone bout the new blowmold general foam has this year. They have a new santa called old world santa. He is pretty little wearing a big red overcoat and holding a tree. The second is a lil snowman with a blue scarf and has a season greeting sign. Not a huge fan of the santa but I love the snowman. The only draw back is around me they are 45 bucks a piece which is high for such a small mold. I would say they are bout the same hieght as toy soilders.
  5. yes the light cords are in the same place but the drummer boy in question does not say poloron that was the 2nd placed I looked when trying to identify it.
  6. Yes the 1963 is in a rectangular box. He is roughly 33.5 inches tall. The more I look at him the more I think he is Poloron because I just noticed that he has eyebrows like the Poloron drummer boys have. I pulled out my know poloron drummer boy and put them side by side and everything is identical except for the holly on the hat. I will try to get some pics up real soon.
  7. I have a drummer boy in my cellection and I was wondering who made it? I'm not going to post a pic because he is a repaint and the color scheme was never put out by any manufactuer. The only marking on him is 1963 stamped on the bottom. One would think that year would make him Poloron rite? The only problem is he has no holly on his hat. It has an old light cord on it like poloron put on thiers but that means nothing cuz it could have been replaced 1000 times for all I know. I talked to the guy I bought it from but he didn't know anything and he was not the one that did the repaint. I have formulated two theroies on who made it. First theroy I know manufactuers used to put out blank canvas (or unpainted) blowmolds so you could make your own (I think general foam still does that maybe?). Maybe the ones Poloron put out unpainted they did not want to put there name on it in case the paint job was terrible or if someone painted it inapporiate. Still dosen't explain the no holly but maybe that was another way to further distance themselves from teribble paint jobs. My second theroy is maybe the 1963 is a serial number and not a year which means it could have been produced by sun hill or GV mystery solved. Any opions or facts would be greatly appreciated.
  8. I finally purchases the book named chicagoland. I got if of amazon for 3 bucks. It is well worth it. It is 200 pages of non-stop christmas displays. A majority of the displays are blowmold filled. There is also some good pictures of commercial displays. My only complaint is that I wish the pictures were a little bigger. If you live in or near chicago you are very lucky there is a ton of mega display.
  9. I found a link to the display in new york with the hundred of animations I was talking about. I deal with the same company where he gets his animations and he bought 65 more for next year! This place will blow your mind! Make sure you watch the video! http://www.nychristmasgifts.com/NYC-Christmas-News/Christmas-Miracle-in-New-York.html
  10. you need a hammer drill it will break up the concrete like a dream. Go to home depot and rent one make sure you get a chisel bit with it. Another thing to do is pour coke a cola on it believe it or not coke eats away at concrete. I have seen it done first hand so I know it works. The hammer drill will break it up into small pieces that you can pull out the bottom.
  11. I just found out that there is a gentleman on staten island new york that has hundreds of animated figures on display. I was just wondering if anyone has an pics or a link where I can see it for myself. thanks
  12. Thanks that helps a bunch. I am new to the animated figure game but I am learing fast.
  13. My question is not about blowmolds but I could not figure out which forum to post it in. So if some on can answer my question or tell me where to post it to the get the answer that would be great. In the past couple of years I have started to collect animated figures (mainly telco motionetees.) My ten year plan is to add a workshop to my display and It will take awhile to get enough to fill a garage. My favorite ones (made by telco) are the little elves that are doing various task. I want to know if someone can give me a list of everyone that was made because I would like to get them all eventually. I have the one that is painting with an art esel and the one hammering the wood train. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also does anyone know if they all came with little work tables or just some of them?
  14. palace guards, 40" nutcrakers and a bigger storage unit
  15. Private residence and an antique mall thats open til 9 for starters. I can't give all my secrets out
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