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  1. Had 2 orders from Travis this year. Received shipment but was incomplete. I understood he was not well so I let things ride for a while. Sent an e-mail to him and got a response from him AND shipping notification the next day. Reveived the shipment today and my order is complete. Had issues with only one string of Blue M-5 but I was able to rectify that with some silicone sealer and electrical tape. (was not a big issue) Not bragging here but just saying that if you give the man some time I am sure all issues will be worked out. Travis has had more than his fair share of unfo
  2. In my planing stages for the display..I knew I was going across the sidewalk. It took about 4 hours to install this and it was a bit of work but it functions perfectly and is out of site. I took a 5 foot piece of 4 inch PVC and laid it on the grass. Dug a trench about a foot down the length of the PVC. Used a hose...and a pipe to tunnel under the sidewalk then dug a hole on the opposite side of the sidewalk. Laid the PVC pipe into the trench and using a 2x6 as a striking board I pounded the PVC through the tunnel created under the sidewalk to the opposite side. Installed 90 degre
  3. Sent an e-mail yesterday to Travis for missing items. Got response today and also received SHIPPING notification from UPS. Doug
  4. Am interested in the alarm. If requested, could you also modify the alarm to provide 110 volt supply (via a relay if you are using lower voltages) in addition to the alarm you currently use. (maybe a joining box attached to your alarm) My idea is to have the alarm inside the house to warn ME but also have the alarm switch on flood lights and an external alarm in the front of the house Does your alarm work with the Planet Christmas version of the LOR boxes? Doug
  5. I am very happpy with what I received....(still missing 9 strings) The brightness of the LED's and saturation of color are great. They fade well with LOR (no flicker) and the bulb spacing is more to my desire (4") Doug
  6. try http://ledneonlight.com/index.php?cPath=6&main_page=index Doug
  7. I had issues first year with his strobes. Design of strobes...NOT Daryl's fault. Second year drilled small holes in the lens to allow for moisture drainage and mounted with hole pointing DOWN. ZERO loss last year (with holes) Darryl says new strobes have the curcuit board "dipped" to help allieviate some problems. He's a great vendor and ALWAYS stands behind the products he sells. Never had issue with Darryl. Doug
  8. Hole should be drilled on the side pointing DOWN. I placed 2 small holes on the clear lens part on the top of the lens as my strobes point down and "hang" from their sockets. If you mount yours pointing up...drill your hoe in the base. Be careful.....there is a circuit board in there! Hole is approx 1/8 inch... does not have to be a big hole. Doug
  9. Check is out in this AM's mail!!! Doug
  10. Would be in tomorrows mail. Any chance you can confirm receipt of the payments here on PC? Maybe add a column to your previous list of the confirmed buyers and put an "X" after their names to show receipt? Doug
  11. Make the check out to: Florida Planet Christmas ? Doug
  12. My first two years with LOR were just animated with no music. The displays were pretty good I thought. The fades, flickers, and shimmers were all practice to see what looks good and how to choreograph. Once I added the FM transmitter, sequencing to songs became real easy (easy????) with the practice I got from the animation sequences. Doug
  13. I believe Travis is doing his best to accomodate all of the sales he has. Typhoons and other "acts of God" are totally beyond Travis's ability to address directly. His offer to compensate us with free shipping next year is "Above and Beyond" what would normally be expected from a vendor. Easy for me to say as I am one of those who has received his shipment (mostly) but I can add that based on the quality of the lights.....it is well worth the wait. I WILL be ordering again next year from Travis! Doug
  14. Would like to be added to the list for 20 more. Doug
  15. First year....not drilled.......lost 20%!!!! Second year....drilled....lost NONE! I am drilling. Doug
  16. Agreed. Looking at your accomplishments AFTER you have devoted your time, effort and money makes you enjoy the outcome more. ESPCIALLY once you see the reactions of those viewing your display with amazement and glee. THAT is an unsolicited (spelling?) "pat on the back" Doug
  17. Planning on contacting the Marine Corps about using my display as a drop-off point for Toys for Tots. I envision the drop-off box "guarded" by US Marines in their Dress Blues. Does ANYONE know of where I can purchase a couple of blow molds that look like US Marines (or can be painted up to look like a Marine in his/her Dress Blues) Doug
  18. They may be beat up a bit due to weight issue. Can you imagine the UPS driver going up to Travis to pick up a package for delivery and seeing a truckload of boxes? He must have freaked! I can tell you my order was not small and the boxes DID weigh a bit. Driver probably spent all morning there loading his truck. Doug
  19. Received 2 shipments and the number of boxes shipped matched what was received.....still short 10 strings. Will give Travis time to ship out the orders before he has to deal with this. Doug
  20. I have a boat winch set up and hung my 48 strings of lights last weekend on the 16 hooks available. what a mess!!!!! How do you put your lights on?? Hook at the top and secure to your lower ring one at a time and then raise the top with the winch? do you leave the strings loose at the bottom? Just want to set this up without all those tangles. Doug
  21. Received my shipment also but............... I think a box was missing as I am short 10 strings. Contacted Travis about this but understand he is busy as heck now. Currently Hoping things can be resolved or my Mega Tree is in jeapordy of being slimmed down. Doug
  22. Would be nice to find a full set that large now-a-days. Doug
  23. Do they have the rest of the Nativity set in similar scale???? Doug
  24. I can assist with Wizards and the Mariah Carey songs. 160 channels but they are not the sweeping fades of Richard Holdmans. But as you say...the timings are there for you if you care to look. PM me if you care to take a peek. Doug
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