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    L.E.D. Burn In???

    What was better was last night with over 10,000 LED's stretched across my backyard lawn all lit up at the same time! THAT looked cool! Doug
  2. I was right......... "Chula Vista's Candy Cane Lane - Chula Vista is the county's second largest city and Candy Cane Lane is one of the shortest streets in the County that carries the most Christmas punch. Chula Vista is located seven miles south of downtown San Diego and seven miles north of the world's busiest international border crossing along the I-5 and the I-805. Take our advice and head south on the I-5, exit on H Street, and head east. Take notice of the cars that start slowing down as they approach Fourth Avenue - they are probably turning right and there are probably traffic offi
  3. Lived in SO Cal for a few years. In Chila Vista they had a whole block that was as you speak....completely off the scale. Heard rumors about the covenant you describe requiring the decorations on your home. They even had the street renamed for that purpose...I believe the street name was candy cane lane but not so sure. It was a long time ago...........Alzheimers............. Doug
  4. Probably NOT Fiber Optic. From my childhood I recall metalized Christmas Trees that were "chrome" in color and you set up a spotlight with a color wheel under the tree to shine on the tree. The color wheel would slowly spin and change through 4 different colors. Blue, Red, Green and Yellow. It is a flashback to the 60's and probably pretty rare to find in good working condition. I have not seen them for YEARS!!!. Doug
  5. Have received cards in the past. Last season 2 people put money in the cards for me with the expressed intent for me to apply it to my electric bill. I do this as a way to share my Christmas spirit with the neighborhood. They saw fit to put mney in the card for me to use to help with the electric bill. I did not take any offense to their "donation" but I did use the money for other things. A few months ago I went to the addresses listed on the envelope of the cards and introduced myself to them. They were both glad to meet me and expressed their thanks for my putting on the display.
  6. Was thinking about placement of the antenna and was wondering if the pole for the antenna were lashed to the center pole of a mega tree, antenna being above he mega tree, would all of the lights on the Mega tree interfere with the transmission of the FM frequency? Doug
  7. Went to Radio Shack and off the shelf I purchased and adapter for the PL-259 connection to a BNC....then a BNC connector to an F pin adapter...then a F pin a Mini stereo (1/8 inch connector which I needed for my transmitter. Yes it is a bit of adapters but they do not make a PL-259 to mini stereo adapter. But I am sure whatever connection you need for your transmitters, you can find one, two or even a series of 3 adapters that can make your connections work for you. Works for me. Doug
  8. In reworking your candy canes....you may consider running a cut length of LED rope light up the center of the cane for it's entire length. Doug
  9. My first year also included Wizards in Winter and I had 16 channels. 2nd year I added a controller to 32 channels. 3rd year I added 4 more controllers 96 channels (3 of the controllers were soley for the leaping lights (6 arches)) This year I have 160 channels and have added a Mega tree. What I am saying is take your time. Baby Steps. think of your future plans when you are sequencing so that when you DO add other fixtures, you do nto have to re-write your sequences. If properly planned...you cna add a track and not have to touch the original programming. Good luck and welco
  10. 7 out of 10 in 6 days..... not bad..... I think you would be out LONG before September! Again...thanks for your services. Doug
  11. I used 36 inch spaced sockets and placed 6 strings side-by-side (offset by 6 inches for each line) and zip tied them together to form one string equaling 6 colors at 6 inch spacing. I have not found any 8 inch spacing for you but they do make 18 inch spacing. Maybe you can use 2 strings side-by side and offset by 9 inches and zip tied together to give you 9 inch spacing. If you use 2 colors that would be benificial as you would be able to power one string at a time to alternate colors. Doug
  12. I am using an INSTEN FM transmitter. It utilizes a mini Stereo plug for the antenna. I usually just run 20 feet of "Mini Stereo extension cable" from the transmiter out a window and hand in front of the house which works for about 75 to 100 yards. Was looking at a J Pole antenna but seemed a bit touchy as far as adjusting for frequency. the connector you have on your antenna appears to be more like a coaxial (or at least on those lines) Do you have the ability to make an adapter for YOUR plug attachment to mate with a mini stereo connector? Or an adapter from your type of cabling
  13. Hi from Warren. I am near 12 and Hoover 160 channels this year and my first Mega Tree also. Send me a PM and I would love to see your display this season. Doug
  14. Purchased my first Mega Tree Kit from Christmas Light Show. The kit is pretty simple. All the cutting and assembly was an afternoon project. Will probably be a whole day to string the lights but I need to wait for them to arrive. My lights strings are 100 count LED's at 4 inch spacing making the string 34 feet long so I think I will be having to add some height to the tree. Currently it is 20 feet tall. With 34 foot strings....I am thinking the total height would be closer to 28 feet!!!! This should look awesome in my front yard come Christmas. Doug
  15. Just a piece of Cat 5 cable is all you need. Se the owners maunals for eh correct input port and output ports. Each controller has an input and output port. This way you can Daisy Chain your controllers. Once they are powered up...utilizing the Hardware button on your software you can search for all your controllers. Just make sure you set the Dip Switches in each controller on DIFFERENT numbers. (see the enclosed manuals for your controllers for instructions.) I have 10 controllers and the only connection I have between them is one piece of Cat 5 cable between each controller
  16. Seems to be more leaning towards guy wires..... The above quote was probably the kicker for me..... Shouldn't take too long for the added security. Thanks all for your input. Doug
  17. Cannot answer for rope light but for my LED's and mini incandescents, my Wizards in Winter timings are at 0.02 seconds and all work great. Doug
  18. Utilizing a 20 foot Gas pipe (2 - 10' peices) and sunk into the ground in a 3 foot sleeve, (total height above ground is 17') Does this need to be guy wired or is this usually strong enough for most areas? Just wondering what people are doing and if some did not guy wire and have regrets later. Have a great decorating season. Doug
  19. I use C-9's sole on ly roof. I outline the entire roofline and the outline of the front of the house with one string that is 166 feet long. I purchased a 1000 foot roll of C-9 stringer with 36 inch intervals for the sockets. Cut the line into 6 individual strings. Pleaced them side by side and zip tied together with sockets offset at 6 inch intervals. 55 7 watt C-9's per string times 6 strings is too much for one 15 amp circuit so..... I have 3 strings powered by one side of the LOR 1602W on channels 1,2, and 3. And the 3 otehr strings on channels 9,10, and 11 of the same controller
  20. I have been working on converting to LED's for 2 seasons now..... I still do and always WILL use incandescents in my displays. I use C-9's around the perimiter of my roof line and on the face of the house (outline) As you say, I do like it when the heat from an incandescent melts the little hole in the snow covering them and peeks out. But there is also a glow in the snow around that lamp diffusing the color a bit. LED's have that same glow. The Blues, purples and Greens are much more vivid in LED and have that same glow when covered by snow. For me....Power consumption is curren
  21. This will be my first year with a MEGA Tree but my plans combine a few ideas..... I will make a ring of PVC. My plans call for the "Dog Tie Down's" placed at the four "corners" of the ring and the lights will be zip tied to the ring with the male plugs close to the ring and tensioned so as to "elevate" the ring a foot or so from the ground. To keep tension on the light strings and to accomodate any stretching of the light strings... I plan to use "Bungee" cords from the ring to the Dog Tie Down points. In my mind's eye, this should allow for some spring in the event of windy weather and
  22. As others have stated, I have purchased songs and sequences previously. Thing is, I use them for the timings. The timings seem to take the longest to get right. I have to erase most, if not all, of the lighting that is programmed in to accomadate my own lighting techniques and configurations. Share....not share.......either way, you are stil a member here and held in high esteem. Doug
  23. My only incident in 5 years of the display was (I'll assume kids) unplugging sections of my lights. There was some damage to some lawn perimiter lighting but based on the footprints left in the snow and the imprint of a face and body on my driveway, I can assume one of them (if not more) tripped over the cords to the lawn perimiter lighting and planted his face in my driveway as they were running away giggling at their "steathful" ability to disrupt my display. That gave me an idea to string steel cables across my lawn about 6 inches above the ground to "trip up" any one running across my
  24. Thanks Chuck, What you described was basically what I was seeing last year. Where the smoother fades were in my "incandescent" show I saw a bit of a flicker then the LED's would "blink" out. As you say, not as dramatic. But, the more vivid color saturation achieved with the LED's may outweigh the loss of fading effects. (depends on taste I guess) I will experiment but I think the fades would have to be longer to have a similar effect. Just hope I can work them in to the beat of the music. Thanks again. Doug
  25. Chuck, apparently my ignorance is more pronounced than I ever imagined but what do you mean you need to fade them differently? I am using the LOR and the Light O Rama software and using the fade up/down button in that software. What do I need to do to make my LED's fade? Doug
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