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  1. Douglas Cockburn 29743 Wagner Warren, Michigan 48093 [email protected] I am located North of 12 mile East of Hoover. Currently 48 channels you need any mroe info?
  2. I was planning to put rows of minis on the roof this yea....but really cover it... My plan was for 15 colored stripes on the roof...each stripe made up of minis at 6 inch spacing and at 4 inch intervals so there is 9 strings of each color on each stripe. My fear is how do you address the fact taht here in Michigan...it can all get covered by snow? I was thinking baout lifting them off the roof surface by stapleing them to firring strips but that is an additional cast i'd rahter do without if I do not have to. Doug
  3. Benn doing Light O Rama fro 2 years but last year was firt time to music. Have added another LOR to the group this year so I now have 48 channels. I usually start set up at Thanksgiving abd the shows start 1 Dec. I am in Warren near 12 mile and Hoover. 29743 Wagner, Warren, MI. 48093 [email protected]
  4. Yes. Using this cord, along with vampire taps from action lighting, you can make custom extension cords of any size. Very quick and easy! DITTO, I make wiring harnesses and extension cords. Same use...Vampire plugs from Action Lighting. I needed another 1000 feet to complete my forst project for Christams. Doug
  5. Strobes in in my trees for the Fourth.... Effect is great.... Like the quicker timing.... I think a few hundred more would be sufficient to complete my vision............ Doug
  6. 16 more LOR channels and I am constructing a wiring harness for those giant C9 looking bulbs taht you stake into the ground. Had them last year bur purchased late in season....they were static last year. This year...will be aniated in a 15 channel chase. Purchased a 28 foot flagpole but the aditional LOR's and lights shall have to wait for next year....
  7. and I appreciate the heads up... been looking for a "deal" for a while Thanks for the info.
  8. Ever thought of directly contactin ghte Denver Zoo's PR folks? Maybe htey would be willing to share their ideas or turn you onto the contractor who did their work. I have mulled over a few ideas but not seem to have the "bang" I desire. Doug
  9. The only thing I have seen that would do what you desire is at this site... http://www.ledlightworld.com/ledvision.html it is LED rope light that you can change the colors of because if it RGB design... I had similar desires in LED lighting specifically to be able to make frames for my windows and be able to change teh colors for each holiday vice having individual frames for each holiday..... Problem with the LED rope lighting that I refer you to... it is $40.00 a FOOT!!!!! and it is 1 inch in diameter.... It is however pretty cool stuff....If I win the LOTTO,,,I know my roof wil
  10. I also had the same situation with my strobes... Initially when all screwed in tightly...over a dozen did not fire. I took a small sharp blade (something I was told never to play with) and used it to actually peel up the bottom contact in the C-9 socket. I had no problems with the side contact. Just bent the small tab inside up a bit and that fixed my contact problem. Next time...if I ever have this problem again..I shall do it with the power off....LOL:laughing: Great strobes though! Doug
  11. Darryl Got my strobes!!!! Cool to the n'th degree. I did see on the box that other colors were available, but that leads me to believe you need to buy the whole strobe in that particular color. Not "slip over" cover for the clear strobes... Do I assume correctly or do they actually make a slip over cover in various colors. All I know is I am going to need a coulpe hundred more of these beauties! Doug
  12. That is true as far as dulling the effective brilliamce of the strobes with any colored cover...BUT, if yu only coveres every other or every 3rd strobe...you would stil have some color along with the brilliance of the pure white ones. If what I envison works out....I would wish to make a few more of these with different colors. (although I would probably need quite a few hundred more to do what I ultimately envision) My intent is to cover my roof with strobes and have then make the "explosions" for the fireworks as real fireworks ar illegal here in Michigan. Some Fireworks to the mu
  13. Darryl, Just bought 50. Been waiting a while for them. Can't wait to see them in action this July 4th! Any chance you or anyone you know considering the development of COLORED slip covers for the strobes to allow one to change the colors of the strobes? Slip or snap on and interchangable??? My plans call for making my own harness from th C-9 sockes and zip cord... Making multiple strings that will form overlapping and increasinly larger circles... Lighted sequentially ( but rapidly) to produce an "explosion" of light that wold then fade out string by string.....as in a fireworks explosio
  14. I am in the process of animating mine... Instead of steady burning as tehy come...I am making a wiring harness for them that will allow for 15 channels. The chases wiht that many channels should be dramatice. The bulbs I usually have placed surrounding my front lawn and walkways. Doug
  15. I made my own chasing string from the 1000 foot rolls of C9 sockets.... Made 6 strings of 55 lamps on each string.... All bundled together with zip ties to make one string (six strands) that is 330 feet long... (55 lights on each individual strand) Had is going for 2 seasons now....no problems at all. As you can sse in the pic...it covers the entire outline of my homes roofline and face. Neat part is...the wholehouse is in sync. Doug
  16. Everyone has seen the net lights that are rectangular in shape. There are some out there that are cone shaped to allow one to put them on a pine tree or approx 6' in height. I have obtained white and multi nets in the cone shape, but I need some with solid colors. Red, blue, green, etc..... Need a source. Any help out there???? Senior
  17. By the way, if you have no plans for the purple or Yellow shells, I will make an offer for them..... The shells do crack when the neighbors drive over them..... or stumble over them while doing the police sobriety tests. Doug
  18. JR I would be happy to share the build with you. Ihave to get more wire!!!! I took out the 10 foot, 5 light line that came with the sets and will replace it with the harness I am making. The sets have 5 colors so I am going to have 15 channels to offer me some flexibility in the show. A 15 channel chase is much more dramatic then a 5 channel chase. I am taking C-7 sockets and installing them on the zip cord directly. No soldering....not cutting. I have measured out the distances between the bulbs and added for the run up and down to teh bulbs...leaving the bulk of the wire harnes
  19. Yes, Action Lighting...I use them for a lot of things. Good Folks. I like the brightness of the transparent colors vice the softer glows of the pastels.....Although........................looking at your pics...I can see where a softer glow can also be nice. I DO use the pastel colors for the 4th of July lighting. Red, White and Blue (I use the white at 70% to not overpower the other colors.) My string also has the bulbs at 6 inch intervals so when ALL ON is active....it is BRIGHT!!!!! Standing on my sidewalk in front of the house...I can see my shadow on the neighbors garage across the
  20. The colors I use are RED,ORANGE, YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE and PURPLE in order to give it a "prismatic" effect. (all are transparent colors and triple coated) In my sequences, ALL ON happens quite a few times and I have had absolutely no problems with any overloading. Although, your idea to dim to 90% or 80% would be extremely beneficial when I DO reach the upper limits. Thanks! I do have a sequence I use for the 4th of July for the lights where I do use the dimming effect. Instead of the 6 colors mentioned earlier, I use pastel colors of RED, WHILE and BLUE. THe White overpowers the other co
  21. As to my Summer Project of making my "large Plastic C-7 lights" that circle my lawn chase.....I have elected to make the wiring harness for 15 channels vice teh 5 originally planned. This should make for longer chases and a more dramatic effect. Bulk 18 Gauge zip wife and vampire C-7 sockets are making quick work out of this. Now all I need is the April Sale at Light O Rama to occur so I can obtain the necessary controller for it. Today is the 17th so it should be soon!!!! Hope all your projects for this coming Christmas all come to fruition! Doug
  22. C-9 Light strings 1000 feet = All American Christmas Company http://www.aachristmas.com/vpasp/shopdisplayproducts.asp?id=209 1000 foot roll 24 inch socket spacing. $160.00 each. Doug
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