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  1. I purchased a 1000 foot roll of the C-9 light string with the sockets at 36 inch intervals.....cut the lengthinto 6 seperate peices (of aprox equal length) for an average of 55 lights per string. Then placing the strings in paralleland slightly off-setting the sockets, I zip-tied them together to form one string with sockets at 6 inch intervals. The string is abut 330 feet long and can surround the entire roof line and front of my hone with one string! (see attached photo) Chase sequences put the whole house in sync! With only 55 lights per string, I draw 3.5 amps per string. (or group of l
  2. Has anyone ever seen (or thought of) a female SPT1 plug adapter that would screw into a C7 or C9 socket? Would be able to put 25 strings of mini lights on a standard lenth C-9 string used as an extention cord. Doug
  3. I go to Lowes and Home depot....look through their bulk wire storage racks fopr empty spools. If I find one empty i ask for it...Have always received it no problems. Various sizes available and free for the asking..... Made a rack in the garage out of PVC for storage/ Keeps tehm tangel free. Doug
  4. Fireworks are illegal here in Michigan so I use the lights to provide some "legal" light shows. Surrounding the roof line of my home is a light string of red, white, and blue C-9's on a string I made 335 feet long. This allows the whole house to be "in sync" I have 2 dedicated circuits feeding my LOR so I have divided the load between each side so as to not overload things. The string is fed through circuits 1,2,3,9,10, and 11 from the LOR. I use a simple chase and some variations in the chase for the show. Plans include multiple strobes for more dramatic visualizations next year. For Ha
  5. Look forward to seeing some postings available for downloading soon. This is my first year with the LOR (16 channel) for Christmas. I have done the 4th of July and Haloween this year. (none to music) And as soon as this season is over..I plan to start on the July 4th sequences for music (marches, patriotic diddies...) Anyone out there also do the 4th? Anyone done some light sequences to music for the 4th also???? Have a GREAT lighting season!
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