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  1. Very easy with Audacity. Have done that MANY times.
  2. Where in Mich are you at? I am in Warren. +1 welcome to the madness!
  3. Are they Full wave or half wave LEDs? If half wave, try plugging in a "draw" to the end of the string and gry again. Personally I use a Glade "Plug In" for a draw.
  4. I have a lockable , weatherproof utility box about 3 foot by 1.5 feet and 1.5 foot deep placed at the base of the tree. 2 controller inside are protected from weather for sure and I have modified the box by cutting 2 holes in the bottom. I run all the short SPT2 extension cords through those holes and to the controllers. I also run a heavy chain around the mega tree pole and through the holes in the bottom of the case. Padlock is inside the box and the chain is pulled snug and locked into position. The lid to the box is clamped down with it's own latches and then the lid is also locked i
  5. I am more into lights than blow molds. And you obviously have a great collection going. But I am ABSOLUTELY envious of your storage space!
  6. Bumping this to see if I have better luck finding a workable response.
  7. Thought about that. Did not wish to re-invent the wheel if products are already available. It is an alternative.
  8. I have another project I am beginning to plan for this years show. For this I am in need of 100 feet of either C7 or C9 light stringers with various spacing. I have seen 12 inch, 15 inch and 18 inch spacing available over the years here. What I am in need of is 100 feet of each spacing. I can even go to 24 and 36 inch spacing if anyone knows of a source that does not require a purchase of 1000 foot spools. I do not wish to purchase a 1000 foot spool to get my 100 feet. Two 50 footers or Four 25 footers are just as acceptable. But the spacing for them is what is the kicker. Gree
  9. The only thing that comes to mind right now would be something like a wireless LAN. You can set up your show computer to a touch screen monitor and have that placed outside (protected from elements and theft of course) Then again...if you set up a wireless LAN for your show computer....then all those with the Smart Phones would be able to use that MIIP I suggested earlier. You may be in a "cell phone dead area" but if you have your own wireless LAN set up in front of your home, viewers can access your computer via the LAN using the cell phones without cellular service. I am not really PU
  10. I suggest sending him a PM here. I do not see him on line much this time of year, But I am sure he will respond. Just may take some time for him to reply. I believe he is home based in St. Louis, but he has MIIP all over the world. Coast to coast here in the US and also in Europe and I think Australia.
  11. I have been using MIIP for 2 seasons now and find it wonderful. This thread talks about it and you can send BOB a PM for more info but basically it is a app/program that viewers can access from their smart phones to see your show schedule and a listing of the songs that wil be played and when they wil be played in the current show standings. Viewers can click on a song they like and "vote" it up to play next in you show. SO many people have been using this in my show for the last 2 years. it uses the touch screen of the cell phones to make selections so you have your touch scr
  12. One of the members here.... milyfaz..... rescued an entire nativity set and was gracious enough to give it to a another member here ... me. For that I thank her so much as I have been wanting a nativity set for my display for quite some time. The set appears to have been utilized outdoors and is showing many years of exposure to the elements. The cores of the molds are foam and are covered with what appears to be a latex material. This material has broken down in many places and has an "alligator skin" or "cracked" appearance to it. I wish to restore the molds but do not wish to dest
  13. I grew up less than 2 miles from Youngs. Apparently, it looks like the area known as "Christmas Corner" took a huge hit in the fire. I as well hope they make a quick come-back.
  14. In this hobby, "saving money is #1 priority" is unheard of. Usually we remortgage our homes to get more lights!
  15. Senior

    Snowfall Lights

    Received my order today. It is late and I ahve an early day tomorrow but I HAD to take a peek. Pulled out a couple of each color I ordered. Red, Blue and Pure white. Yes....the longer ones (not the minis) are Pure white (which I wanted)...not Cool White. I purchased Red, Pure White and Blue for the Christmas Display I have but these will come out for the 4th of July also! Initial impressions: Great construction. Watertight seals on all connections. Colors are vivid and brilliant. As with all LED's ...they are brighter when observed straight on. With lamps on both sides...you do
  16. Senior

    Snowfall Lights

    Mine are supposed to be delivered today.
  17. Check your settings on the Left side of the screen. Since last visit....last 24 hours....and so on.
  18. I use 12 segments. 12 channels for color, 3 channels for star, and a spare "just in case".
  19. My yard is small so it is my YARD that limits my layout I have only run the conduit in my shrub bed and out to a couple of trees on my front lawn. The shrubs and trees do not move. ALL of the boxes where outlets are located are completely hidden by the shrubs. I DO use SPT wire for other objects in my display but the conduit and underground wiring does limit the set up time and the ganglion of extension cords that were present prior to running the wiring underground. Doug
  20. I did run romex inside PVC to control 48 outlets in weatherproof boxes throughout my yard and shrubs. This was all hard wired in to the outlet boxes, runs underground to the house, and has dongles with male plugs at the other end to plug into my controllers. No overheating issues. Very clean looking. Used for Chrismas, Valentines day. St Patricks day, the 4th of July and Haloween. Basically they are home made extension cords as they are not energized until powered by the LOR controller. Your idea sould be fine and would look neat and clean. If water gets inside, uncap both ends, put
  21. What software are you using for your animations? Your efforts are evident and your show will be great!
  22. Anything to make RGB easier to manage!
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