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  1. I have 12 sections to my trees. I still get good color sweeps but I also can have 3 channels available for the star and one channel for a "spare" for each controller. It is just a matter of personal taste.
  2. What you might try is uploading you animation sequence into your 1602 to run anytime power is supplied. Then plug that controller into channel 32 of your musical sequences controller with that channel always on in the musical sequence. Doug
  3. So much variety in RGB. Software support for RGB. Sources for lights. Controller. And lots of "how to's" GEAR topics to the guy who has little or no knowledge.
  4. If you have a choice, go plastic. I have had 2 sets of metal swags that lasted only 2 seasons till rust detracted from appearance. Purchased many years ago so unable to help now with vendor.
  5. Found it Search: Christmas Enthusiast Prayer.
  6. I have searched the site here and cannot find. What is, and where can I find the Sequencers Prayer?
  7. You can convert your MP4 to an MP3 right in Itunes.
  8. Man, I do not like this "auto correct" thing on the phone. They are RGBnodes and controlled with DMX.
  9. RUB Pixel nodes, supporting software and thousands of channels in DEX. And quite a few hundred dollars. Still....impressive.
  10. Tried alumninum many years ago...gave up....welding it was a pain!!!!!! Doug
  11. I have a church bus coming 3 or 4 times a week with people from local nursing homes. One evening there was only one spot open for viewing....right in front on my side of the street. Blocked EVERYONES view.
  12. Those look great! Your documentation of constuction and assembly are detailed and well thought out. Great job! Doug
  13. Last year I had a viewer (teenager) parked in my next door neighbors driveway. I DO have an announcement in my show that asks people to respect my neighbors and not block the driveways or street, not to play music loud.. yada, yada, yada... Backing out of that driveway he hit another viewers car. Little damage, but the whole thing would have been avoided had this driver just never parked where he should not (neighbors driveway) have in the first place. Some people just think they are different and "special" and that rules of common courtesy do not apply to them. They only look out for #
  14. I can say that if some people are hesitant to try this to dive in. I used this last year and it was popular. This year seems to be even more so. You have the ability to see how many people are accessing and voting for various songs and this helps in planning next years show as you can see by the count of votes which songs are most popular. Thanks again Bob
  15. There IS a restriction. When programming them, you should put them on at full power. You cannot fade a strobe without damage to the strobe.
  16. You might consider "The Demented Elf" for a voice over to thank people for coming by and wishing them well. He does great work. Doug
  17. Just an update....I FINALLY made it down to Pennsylvania and picked up the Nativity. The are definately big and they are weathered a bit...some cracking and will need to repair that and paint them. But all in all...I think they have GREAT possibilities.... Thanks so much for your offer MILYFAZ. Once they are restored I shall be sure to send you some pics. That is going to take some thime though.
  18. Yes, they use 150 channels BUT they come with their OWN 150 channel controller. I am not positive on this but in your sequence for your show, I BELIEVE the controller for the CCR uses only one channel to control the 150 channel CCR controller. Others who use the item MAY pipe in to clarify this.
  19. Yea, don't keep us in the dark. How did you make that?????
  20. They are (will be ) available from Light O Rama. CCR's are Cosmic Color Ribbons. Been on the market for a few years. RGB pixels in a strip used to make things like mega trees, lining the roof lines, and leaping arches amongst other things. CCB's are Cosmic Color BULBS. Again RGB contolled light string of 50 lights. Not avaialbe yet but they say soon.
  21. It may be that the amp draw is just too much when they are all on. I had 330 C9 incans on my home and when they were all on, the house lights would dim to the music even though ALL of my Christmas lighes were on a seperate subpanel. I converted last year to retro C9's and he problem was eliminated as instead of drawing 7 watts each, the LED's only draw 0.4 watts each. You may have to consider upgrading your service to a 200 amp service. You might also consider LED strobes. If you decide to not utilize any of your strobes, drop me a PM. Doug
  22. The 1602 can be a show director controlling other controllers. The PC Version can only be a slave. But if you have a PC as a controller or a 1602 as a controller, the PC version IS cost effective.
  23. I tried for many years to get some good video. Went through 4 different cameras including 2 "higher end" cameras without good results. On a whim I tried my phone. I used a Droid 2 to film the following. No settings...just point and shoot. (actually duct taped it to a tripod) I am pleased with the results. Doug http://vimeo.com/28492165
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