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  1. On a side note, didn't Congress pass a bill that phases out incandescent in the near future? They passed the bill for broadcasting to be 100% HD a few years ago and I have heard about the phase out of incandescent soon.
  2. You're late! I have been thinking about your presale for months!
  3. Not my design. I saw others here using 4 inch PVC to frames and candy cane stiping it. Mine is just a different application of similar items. Thats what we do here....share ideas and our work so others can use the ideas if they see fit. Same as sharing Leaping lights and mega trees. Yes, my box for the sign is 1 X 4 but is pine. Painted white with multiple coats for weatherproofing. Front is lexan with decal on inside. Back is plywood with a 4 foot cold start fourescent light fixture attached to the inside. All the wiring for the rope light and extension cords goes through the fra
  4. Mine is backlit by a cold start flourescent tube. I drive a pipe into the ground and slip the PVC legs over the pipe to hold it upright. I have an additional sign for the web site Doug
  5. "Googled" the site and found a video of your song sequenced for LOR and CCR's in their video section but nothing in the site shows that specific sequence for sale. And as stated above, it seems IF he did sell anything...it was the sequenceing...not the song. Doug
  6. I want something like that that is air tight.......would fill him with helium and make a float out of him attached to the roof as I have no more room on my lawn. Doug
  7. Is that not why we put thousands of lights on the house???? To insure Santa can find it? Doug
  8. Not a problem..... if you have any questions about the framework, drop me a line. I will be glad to help. But...in all honesty..I think you have your own ideas on that.
  9. My son pulls that stuff out of his nose all the time. But seriously, I have been toying with that idea myself for a project here. So.... if anyone knows, drop a line. Doug
  10. Understood, School comes first. How many do you need? I have some extra left over from last years purchase. I have 100 set aside right now but do have more. Send me a PM and I can send to you if you like. A donation to the "cause" Doug
  11. I also have Gutter Guards. These work for me AND hold the lamps horizontal. Avail at http://www.christmaslightsetc.com/p/Original-Shingle-Tab-100-Pack--17617.htm Doug
  12. I use 6 colors of C9 retros on 6 channels with 6 inch spacing. Whatever clip you use...HIGHLY recommend a mount that will hold the lamp horizontal to the ground. By "aiming" the tip of the retro bulb AT the viewer....they do appear MUCH brighter. If held vertical to teh viewer...they still shine but the light is more diffused. Doug
  13. I have used Bobs software last year and it was a hit. I had some issues making the software work on my computer (apparently I am different than most people) but Bob worked with me for over a week to make things work. Kudos to Bob. Will continue to use this software in this years show. Doug
  14. Mr. Moore, not to take away from your product as you do have some really nice things, but I think what STEVESL is looking for is the larger "bulbs" that are illuminated by a C7. I purchaed quite a few and the sets a few years ago and ripped out all the wiring as they were steady on once plugged in. I replaced the wiring with zip wire and placed C7 sockets at intervals of about 30 feet apart. I then strapped 15 strings of lights side by side with a 2 foot offset and zip tied them together. This created a string of the larger "bulbs" that wraps around my front yard and I can chase them with a
  15. If you need a specific frequency and interval...why not use a channel on your controller to make a standard red light "blink"? This way you can control the frequency and duration of the flash and the interval of flashes. Yes, it does take up one channel on your controller, but it WOULD make the light flash at your desired pattern. Doug
  16. Add the voiceovers to the end of each show. Schedule shows to start on alternating half hours. You say your shows are 15 and 20 min long. If your voiceovers are 8 min long, your shows are now 28 min and 23 min long. No conflict. If show lasts a total greater than 30 min, you then have an issue. The second show will start before show #1 finishes. Just insure show do not exceed 30 min.
  17. Prior to taping, I split the wires and trim one wire about a half inch shorter than the other. That way no chance of shorting. I then dip that end in LIQUID Electrical tape ( avail at Lowest) to seal the end against weather.
  18. I have 3 shows. TSO group, classics, and play all. Play all is 1 hour 20 min. I mix things up daily.
  19. I have a 6 channel, 6 color chase on my roofline. C9 LEDs spaced at 36 inch intervals. Strap 6 strings side by side with a 6 inch offset gives me 6 colors at 6 inch spacing. How fast the chase goes is dictated by your application and taste. You can view a few angles of a "chase" in the video. Doug http://vimeo.com/27889283
  20. I have replaced all of my C9 incans with dimmable LED retros last year. Prior to doing this....the lights INSIDE the house dimmed to the music when the incans fired off. The LEDs draw so little power I can have ALL lights on with no noticible effect on the current draw. The colors are a bit more vivid also. My roof line is outlined with them. Doug
  21. I think ALL christmas lights are made in China. With the economy the way it is in the US now.... would be great to see many of the manufacturing jobs that were EXPORTED come back to the US. There is obviously a market for LED lighting of ALL types. Auto, home, aircraft, boating, and yea....even Christmas lights. And with the push from our government to go green and elimninate Incans in the NEAR future, that would be an obvious avenue to explore here. Doug
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