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  1. 28 year Navy Retired Senior Chief Hospital Corpsman. 19 of those 28 years I was assigned to Marine Corps units. Loved my time with the Corps! Doug
  2. Or you can go the LED retorfit C9 route. I converted all 350 C9 incans to LED last year and was impressed with the color. Not to mention the HUGE savings on the electrical draw. Doug
  3. Cost will be minimal from what I hear for previous owners of S2 software. I plan to purchase, of course, but will not try to learn a new package so close to the holidays. THIS year wil be done in S2. I have 10 months after Christmas to play with the new S3.
  4. I like it too.....has been part of my display for years. Seems to be one of the more popular songs I have in my display. http://www.vimeo.com/28181266 Doug
  5. Doesn't it feel better to be informed? Thanks for keeping us updated Dan.
  6. This would be awesome if LOR could do but it would also eliminate any challenge and self pride in any accomplishment. Still....... Doug
  7. This is now posted on the Light-O-Rama web site. I know many of us were going back and forth on the "why's" behind the Summer Sale delays and this does address that issue. It may not be what people need to hear now with the holidays so close but it sounds as if he IS trying and he IS looking out for us. Doug September 29, 2011 7:33am EDT From the desk of Dan Baldwin, CEO Re: New product delivery delays Light-O-Rama customers: The company we have used to assemble our boards for so long went through a reorganization earlier this ye
  8. Highly recommend that link also so as to not infringe on any copywright laws. Doug
  9. I have run a length of 4 inch PVC under my sidewalk to run wires through. I do not cap the ends. When comes time to use that, I use a leaf blower to blow the standing water out. Works everytime! Doug
  10. You need to contact the moderator via PM here. They will act fast to remove.
  11. I have been searching for years.....only ones I found were EXPENSIVE fiberglass ones. Over $100 a piece!
  12. Why not set up a SECOND show in your master controller? Have your regular display run on the appointed times,,,,then....once the show is over have your second show start. The second "show" would be a few channels that you plug your motion sensor security lights to. Have the second "show" run all night and end in the AM. That way, you can program the second show to begin whever your first show ends no matter what time that is and can be different everyday. Doug
  13. Welcome to the insanity! As a beginner recommed visualizing HOW you want to use the channels you have. Three on roof....seven for bushes and lawn...five for windows....and so on. Figure out what item will keep the beat....let's say the roof. Take one chanel and place tick marks to mark the beat of the song. Once you have the timings down...the rest comes easier. Do the roof first. Take the channels you have set aside for the roof and using you timings...visualize what you want the roof to do during the song. Once that aspect is done...do your next grouping...let's say windows. Usi
  14. Cannot consider this an "injury" but I had a cardiac cath and another stint placed 2 days ago. Today...put up all my Haloween lights. Doing fine. Doug
  15. My lights are up and tested today but I will not be illuminating them till 01 October. Doug
  16. I got married on Valentines Day. No, not romantic.....I only had to buy flowers once!
  17. can definately see benefits. Place once and have them up for all year and every holiday. your efforts look great. Are the LEDs individually addressable or are they one strip same color? Do you have chasing abilities? What interface are you using? What software are you using to program the LED's? So many questions! Doug
  18. I usually try to start early putting them up. But I do not light them up till October. I do not like setting up in the cold and rain so I take advantage of the warm days left as best I can. If my wife did nto have plans for me today, I would ahve been out there today putting my lights on the bushes. Doug
  19. I have 6 colors at 6 inch spacing. All are retro fit C9 LED's. Bought bulk wire with 36 inch spacing. Cit into 6 lengths and placed side by side with a 6 inch offset then zip tied together. This allows me to have 6 channels, 6 colors and 6 inch spacing. Doug
  20. Wow! In this day and age..........COMMON SENSE!!!! Thanks for your efforts. Doug
  21. 20 percent failure rate is high! I am sure Ray Wu wil make good on the defective srtings but this is exactly why I am waiting to dive into the whole RGB thing. I lived through the VHS / Beta wars. 8 track tapes,.... cassetts....... and now RGB. There really seems to be no "standard" This is all up and coming but it IS coming Hard and Fast. I hope there is some standardization in the near future. I have seen videos and discussions here in these forums about RGB pixel string that DO work and they are absolutely the way I wish to take my entire display. I just have to get a "warm
  22. Also desire more info. Type? Was a kit? Assembled? Tested? Age? Your profile says you are in Fenton. Is that Fenton, Michigan? If so. I can save on shipping and pick up. Doug
  23. Senior


    Hate to see anyone leaving the decorating hobby but I would be interested in what you are selling. Thanks for offering it here in PC to those that would use it.
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