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  1. I have made some "orbits" for my tree this year. There was a posting here for new ideas a while ago so I shared there. Basically I have taken leaping arches and made loops out of them in decreasing sizes and staggered them up the height of my tree. They are placed OUTSIDE of the lights that form the mega tree so they kinda look like garland on the tree. Doug http://www.vimeo.com/26134085 Discussion of this was in an earlier post here.
  2. What is the number of strings / colors you plan to raise? I am just curious as your setup will seem to handle anything you throw at it. Do you plan to take this down every season? Or is this a more "permanent" structure? Doug
  3. How did you raise the pole itself?
  4. Understood. Member has every right to ask what he desires. There is obviousy a shortage of controllers currently and just as obvious is the demand. Was "just sayin'....."
  5. They are available for 275.00 brand new at http://www.HiTechLights.com/. Sounds a bit opportunistic. Just saying......
  6. Nope. Think about night lights...there is only one bulb for that fixture. You can have a string of 2 or 25....does not make a difference in THAT string. Just remember to total out your amp draw for the circuit. Doug
  7. Many of us do not realize the impact we can have on people. You have had the experience of KNOWING you have impacted someome. I can share in your view as I was also contacted by a woman who eventually died from cancer. But she shared her thanks for my display. She, was the first. There have been a few others over the years that reached out and actually contacted me but I am sure most say nothing. The BEST feeling I have is when I am outside during the show and you hear the kids. One night I was shoveling the snow off my walk when a van pulled up. You could hear a little girl q
  8. Go to Goddies here and then click on Signature generator in the pop down menu.
  9. Sure...I have my son wrap them! Doug
  10. I use PVC for my arches. 3/4 inch schedule 40. Flexes well and have not broken an arch in the 3 years I have been using them. Mine are 10 foot lengths. I use 7 sections for my arches. 7 or 8 depends on your own taste. I find that with the 7 sections I am able to get the leaping effect and save on 6 channels. Those 6 channels I keep available for "spares" in case I loose a triac during the show. If you have the lights and the available channels, go with 8. Doug
  11. Welcome to PC. I am not an expert on icicle lights but the advice of completely sealed bulbs is 100% dead N%#s on. Full wave or half wave. Some people prefer the full wave lights. I do also IF I am dimming them in my show. If they are just static and full on....I see no difference in my display and I never noticed any flicker EXCEPT when dimming.. You might ask the vendor if he can supply you with a couple strings for evaluation to make your determination. Lastly, I am JEALOUSE!!!!!!! I have always wanted a log home! Doug
  12. Sounds OK if you live close to Texas. Had hopes for new lights...plug and play RGB....something like that.
  13. I have been quietly following this as I am also curious. As far as quality goes, a few thing I am considering: 1....Most vandalism would occur after the lights are off so the night vision capabilities must be good. 2.... if you cannot see WHO it is...the video is worthless for apprehending or identifying the individual(s). So I already know I do need to invest quite a bit and cannot look for a "cheap" system. Most criminal types do not like light. They prefer the dark, So....would motion detection activated lights be a better answer to disuade vandals? I have had 3 incidents
  14. It is a kit. Was the length of the antenna pre-cat? If so, what frequency was it trimmed for?
  15. The only thing I can find so far is: young-technology.net is a domain name registered by Scott Young. The site is based in Richmond, TEXAS, US. Registrant: Young Technology Scott Young TEXAS US Anyone in Texas who is nearby,,,,go knock on his door!The company deals with IT stuff so MAYbe hardware. Doug
  16. I downloaded the trial version of Corel yesterday and completed my first attempt at editing multiple angles. Software is fairly intuitive and was surprizingly easy to get the hang of in short order. Again...this is FIRST attempt... I am hoping my skills improve with time. I have 25 more videos (songs) to edit. http://vimeo.com/27513369 Doug
  17. Tim L has been advertising his Brand New LEDs for sale for a while now. The link to that thread is here: Doug
  18. The LOR Summer Sale starts very soon. Can get brand new at a good price. Doug
  19. I have the same issue. I filmed my entire show from 3 different angles and wish to combine teh videos to make once movie from each song. I also wish to mix in all 3 angles to one video but the software I am using has a learning curve that has me stumbling through and I have yet to make even one video. Suggestions? Doug
  20. Thanks much. I opened up a PhotoBucket account and started experimenting. Was able to post some pics but found out that I can only use this for NEW posts. I cannot edit older posts to insert the links to PhotoBucket. So...if I delete the pics from PC in managing my attachements, the pics disappear from older posts. Well, I guess you need to start somewhere. Thanks again, Doug
  21. So sorry for the double posing of this. I am experimenting with Photobucket to manange my attachments. Will not happen again. Doug
  22. I have used the following system for the last 6 years in Michigan Winters with absolutely no issues and no drafts. I have sliding windows that slide in tracks. I cut lengths of firring strips to be slightly less than the height of the window itself. One board is slightly shorter than the other to allow for the cords to run through. I took foam rubber door seal avail at LOWES that had a sticky surface on one side and ran a length around the whole assemly of the 2 boards that were screwed together as in the pic. (the additional board, a 1"X1", in the pic comes into play later.)
  23. Is there an easy way to manage the pics we upload here? We have limited space available for posting any pics and I find it necessary to delete some of my older pics to upload new ones. I just cannot figure out how to get into the area to edit the attachments. Guidance? Doug
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