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  1. Would like to know what amounts of teh December Home lights you have left for sale?


  2. I would be glad to show you anything you desire. Coordinating time to meet is the only thing we may have difficulty with as I do work 3 jobs. I am usually available on weekends or very late at night on weekdays. I usually start take down on 1 or 2 Jan. I take the bigger stuff down first...mega trees...arches...signs....things like that. The lights on the trees and bushes can wait till warmer weather.... If I take something down that you wanted to see, I can explain in detail how things were set up for the show. As far as the ins and outs..... start smaller and work up. If you start wiht 128 channes youare going to be overwhelmed in programming. I started with 16 channels first year. by year 5 I was up to 160 channels. My cell number is 586-899-4693 feel free to call when you want to stop by. Doug

  3. possibly they have different extensions at the end of the files. the Musical Sequences have different file extensions than just the Animation sequences. When you try to open your files....click on the box below to state which file extensions you desire.

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