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  1. Photo 3 was from the auction site, so I'd like to give credit to Cincinnati Industrial Auctioneers. Apparently photo 1 and 2 were from Richard G, so while I accurately stated: "I only know that they have the winking pumpkin because someone who went to the auction took a photo of an unfinished one" , he wants to be credited beyond "someone who went to the auction took a photo of an unfinished one". I hope you feel better. But does it really change your life if someone posts photos taken at the auction without specifically naming you? I had no idea who took the photo. No need to be so petty and so snarky.
  2. Mel, are you referring to the list dated 09/25/02? If so, I don't think it's complete. I see a section with what are obviously Bayshore molds, but only the ones they reproduced seem to be listed. The pumpkin I mentioned previously that's on the left top shelf and the winking pumpkin seem to me missing. (I only know that they have the winking pumpkin because someone who went to the auction took a photo of an unfinished one.) See photos below.
  3. Mel, here's photos from ebay of the Empire marked (with the original undated logo) carolers, which was in the Noma catalog in the mid 1960's. So Empire was making it in the mid 1960's. The mold in the photo has the original Empire logo as well. Not sure how Lidco fits into this. About the Bayshore pumpkin mold, I know Empire made their Haunted House, Scarecrow and Top Hat Pumpkin(have never seen this Empire version outside the catalog, so they might not have ever actually produced it) as they are listed in the 1989 catalog (as new). I really don't believe they ever made the Bayshore Super Deluxe Pumpkin. That's why I think it was cool that they still had the mold. It also tells me they probably still had all the Bayshore Halloween Molds.
  4. That's a good question. There's lots of info and many pics on the Blow Mold Nation page on Facebook. There were members there yesterday and at the auction today. I'm sure there will be multiple posts and more photos tonight. It did answer one question I always had. The really old Empire molds still existed! I couldn't believe when I saw the 14" carolers above. Do you know if Empire even made them into the 1970's? Also, did you notice Mel on the top shelf on the left in picture 4 is the mold for Bayshore's Super Deluxe Pumpkin No. 7883 and 7829? Totally cool! Do you know if Empire ever actually made this item?
  5. Here's a link to the Lots that have molds. Click on each to see photos. It took me about two hours to save all of them. Mostly descriptions, but in some you can see the mold. Recognize some of these oldies??? https://www.bidspotter.com/en-us/auction-catalogues/bscci/catalogue-id-bscci10279?searchTerm=aluminum+blow+molds&whereToSearch=%2Fen-us%2Fauction-catalogues%2Fbscci%2Fcatalogue-id-bscci10279
  6. Two questions. What was still being manufactured in Norfolk? Swimming pools and toys? Also, there appear to have been a lot of blow molds left that were recently sold. I wonder why Menards couldn't get any? All they had was the Nativity set this past year. Seems shipping all those from Tarboro to Norfolk would have been expensive.
  7. Greed has nothing to do with it. It's absurd to even pose that question. A business isn't a charity. It has to be profitable if it wants to stay in business. That isn't greed. It's a fact of life. People just don't buy blow molds anymore. Their time has passed. They'll be closing down the Empire plant in Tarboro. That sad!
  8. Ever heard of Belco Lites Corp? This is a new one for me. Their Ghost mold was dated 1979. One was on Ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-1979-Belco-Lites-Plastic-Lighted-Ghost-Pumpkin-Halloween-Blowmold-Works-/161124702976?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2583c7db00 Click the main photo for additional photos.
  9. After so many years of wanting a Santa Train, I took the plunge and purchased one online from American Sale on Saturday. Something arrived on Tuesday, but it was a Santa Sleigh and Reindeer. I called them immediately. Today, only two days later, my Santa Train arrived! And as I was hoping, it's the white version, not the new black version. Shipping was costly but worth it for something I have wanted for years and years. And I received outstanding service from American Sale. I HIGHLY recommend them!
  10. Since I was a kid back in the 70's, I have wanted the Santa Empire Train. Only once, about 20 years ago, did I ever see it in a local store. To this day I regret not buying one then. So, I bit the bullet and bought it (now made by General Foam) off of the American Sale site on Saturday. I got an email today saying it has shipped. It should be last years stock as it's not the new black color in their photo. We'll see. But I have been watching it since last Christmas and the quantity available has steadily gone down, never up, so I assume they didn't order that style this year. This will shock people but with shipping it was just over $300.00. But to finally get something I have wanted since I was a kid, it's worth it to me. With the way the economy is, GF could fold in an instant. I will let everyone know how satisfied I am once I receive it. But so far, so good.
  11. WOW What a disappointment. Their gone from the site. And my link above doesn't work. Hopefully this link works. But the Train as well as the large Nativity is gone. http://www.menards.com/main/search.html?search=blow+mold&ipp=100
  12. Menard's not only has the Santa Train this year but also the large Nativity, via special order. http://www.menards.com/main/search.html?search=blow+molds&ipp=100
  13. Menards has the Santa Train in the new color scheme via Special Order this year. The price is right @ $79.99. http://www.menards.com/main/see-more/christmas/lawn-decor/santa-train-with-car/p-2086377-c-12293.htm
  14. Kev, I noticed another modification is the "Illuminated Santa Claus", C67-1. Empire changed the base, I'm sure for better stability. One thing I found interesting is the 1988 Holiday Innovations catalog is basically a reprint of most of the old Poloron catalog.
  15. Mel, since GF purchased the Empire molds, who had the original Poloron molds and sold the Soldier as produced by Poloron, it's just odd that when GF reintroduced it, there was no holly. Why change the mold. None of the other molds were changed that I'm aware of. It just does not make sense to me.
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