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  1. What's wrong with a little lead in your diet - LOL !!
  2. Those look really good Randy!! Welding is something I always wanted to mess with but now that I have this computer in my chest, I have to stay away from electrical discharges - haha
  3. I was checking into storage places till my oldest got an apartment. Now I use his old bedroom to store all the stuff (I don't have much but I have lots of room)!!
  4. I would contact LOR directly or post the question on their Forum. I have little experience with their software, most on this board know 100 times more than I do about sequencing. Sorry, but I hope that helps by geting you to the answers. Craig

  5. Thanks Mark!! I am looking forward to shaking your hand and buying you that beer(s) that I owe you!! Chris, new friends are the best and I am looking forward to making a few. Our hobby is for joy and happiness which I want to share with everyone. Well off to bed, have to get up at 4am but I'm all packed and ready!!
  6. Snow, WOW!! I don't get to see much of that. Now I know it will be a neat trip!! I don't drink because of my health but I would make an exception to taste one of Gary's fine homemade brews. In fact, I would consider it an honor!!
  7. I've got a 7am out of Tucson thru DFW which get to Chicago around 3pm. It will be good to meet all of you and to say hi to others that I met at PLUS last year. I am so excited to be able to attend!! See you all there!!
  8. Hi Roger and welcome to PC!! May I suggest a more appropriate place to post this question - that would be in the Computerized Displays, Do-It-Yourself or Lights sub forums. Dashers Diner is fairly general and you might get a better answer in a sub forum more particular to your question. Have fun and hope you find what you are looking for.
  9. There is also this option available, The Spiral String Length Calculator or SSLC. A free and useful program that doesn't require a spreadsheet. Download Spiral String Length Calculator
  10. I agree!! If he wants to stick with Renard he will be ok with the Rainbow Flood. It does use smaller 20ma LEDs that will work well with current limiting. The thread you referenced, in my opinion has been calm, intelligent and informative - hardly what I would call 'rubbish'
  11. Everything is looking good Chuck!! Thanks for all the hard work and dedication. And something I like is back, the members currently online feature!! PC is looking like home away from home again, Thank you!!
  12. We are doing our best, once a day is all we can do, but we will do it, and I hope that it is enough to help you win!!
  13. I am glad to see that there is some very good information in this thread and no bashing. That is exactly what I only ever wanted for the community, the best of what was available. Many times I acknowledged that if you needed a flood now, to buy the best of what is available now. There are no hurt feelings on my part no matter what decision someone makes for their flood purchase, everyone has different needs and I have no horse in this race. My major point was to explain the significance of properly powering the LEDs and what that means to the operation of such a device. Now that I see other options being considered and that many now understand this, I see this as a good direction for the decorating community.
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