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    Roses are reddish violets are blueish if it weren't for Christmas we all be Jewish.
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About Me

My name is Paul Glancy but you might also know me as the Gingerbread Man.  As the owner of Paul's Bakery in Fredericksburg, Virginia for 41 years, I decided to retire and follow my desire to make people's lives even happier.


My greatest passion has been to create one of the largest home-made Christmas displays in the area. During my creative adventures I have developed a special way of creating PVC gingerbread boys and girls and bring them to life with lights.  Every Christmas my yard is full of gingerbread men who are bowling, sledding, jumping rope, and even flying a rocket ship.


I have had many requests to make these Gingerbread boys and girls from family, friends, and people who have seen my display.  Due to this ever increasing interest I have decided to make these hand-made gingerbread boys and girls available to everyone.


On Startup Weekend Fredericksburg I have created Lights by Paul, so I could share my gingerbread lighting creations with everybody. Check out our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter! We have some amazing stuff there!



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