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  1. As I mentioned in an earlier post on this thread, I know they are working on an upgrade but the last time I heard Dan say that it took over a year to see the results. This last year I ran 6300 DMX channels as well as 192 LOR channels and 38 Digital output circuits. I am looking to more than double the DMX count this year. I did not experience any problems other than the cumbersome sequencing. The show itself ran great.
  2. I have heard of Madrix, Have you used it? is it any good?
  3. I'm sorry I didn't mean to say that anyone was bashing me already, I only meant that for my last post since I was making statements about Superstar and I have not even used it yet. Please don't take any offense. And Thank you for your suggestions I really do appreciate them.
  4. I have used Nutcracker and it is a cool tool but that still has to be imported into LOR which is clunky when you have a lot of channels. I added 6000 channels in 2013 and did not notice any problems with latency during the shows but I have read about others experiencing that. Another problem is the sequencing in LOR itself is very cumbersome with that large of a pixel count. The visualizer is very limited in its ability to simulate the display when it is RGB. Have not used Superstar due to its cost and from what I have seen it is limited to things such as a CCR tree or mega tree(please don't bash me for those statements, that is only from what I have read)
  5. I have been an avid Light-O-Rama user since I discovered them in 2006 but with the introduction of RGB, LOR has become very limited in its support. Is there a better solution for RGB lights and Regular lights. Please chime in and give me your opinions on LOR and the others. LOR says they are working on better support for RGB and it will be out this year. I have heard them say things like that before and it took more than a year for their changes to come out. I really need to start sequencing for this year as will be doubling my pixel count and I need software that will support that.
  6. I am looking for 3.5 volt bulbs to recondition my multimode strings. Do you have any 35 or 70 bulb strings available?
  7. tommanh wrote: Make sure you give him bad reviews!
  8. Mel Fischer wrote: Thanks guys, Seasonsla is the one that has them in stock and the shipping is still $77.00 :shock:. Ouch oh well I guess if I can't find them any where else I may just have to pay the high price.
  9. Mel Fischer wrote: I am a newbie to this site and this is my first post but that reindeer you have listed is the one I have been looking for for years and I need two to have a complete set of eight. Where can I get two of them from? And how much will they cost?
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