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  1. Did you get them in Farmingville? I've seen your display. Where the heck can you fit them? You have no room left.LOL
  2. Congratulations on your first yard sale blow mold finds Chuck! Nice molds at great prices.
  3. jimcim

    And so it begins!

    I was thinking the same thing! That was the first thing that I saw too. Looks good so far Tom... I can't wait to see your whole display inside and outside.
  4. jimcim

    A Ghoulish Gala!

    Hey Justin, Awesome display! I love it! You guys did a fantastic job. The repaints are great. I especially love the Winnie the wizard. He looked great when I met you over the summer. The Mrs. Claus witch looks very cool too and I love the guy with the candy cane next to her. Can you post a close up of him? Sorry it took me so long to comment. I've been too busy and haven't been on PC in a few weeks. I didn't finish my own display until 3 days before Halloween. Thanks again for sharing.
  5. Wow! Very nice Pep! you have a nice variety and it looks great. Thanks for sharing. (You can ignore my post in the other thread asking about the pictures)
  6. Very nice Pep! Now where are the display pictures?
  7. It was nice meeting you yesterday. I'm glad you like the ghosts. You have a very nice display. I like the mix that you have. You have a bunch of molds that I don't have and now I neeed!!!! I need to work on getting some more ghosts like you have. Also thanks for posting the Haunted Mansion tombstones. They are really cool.
  8. Wow, those are awesome! I haven't seen all of them and they look great together. Angel does some great work as does many of you guys and girls. I just sent her 2 more white bears today so who knows what she will do with them. Thanks for sharing. "Coming here I never planned on making true friends" I know what you mean. I'm sure many of us have met many good friends from this site.
  9. Wow! You had a great summer! There are so many that you got this summer that I want. As I was looking at the pictures I was saying "Want it, want it, need it, want it" but then I lost track because you had so many that I need/want. Thanks for sharing. Hey, I didn't see your bear soldiers? I hope they weren't stolen by Justin! LOL
  10. Nice finds Chris. I like those Noel lamp posts too. It has been a good year here on Long Island for me also. I scored a Mickey Mouse yesterday for $20. I was happy and so were my kids. That big sale that you e-mailed me about was a bust. The guy wanted hundreds of dollars for everything. He thinks that a Union nutcracker is worth $100 and they are in really crappy shape. Thanks again for the heads up.
  11. I knew it! Just don't leave out the Santa and reindeer blowmolds. LOL
  12. Wow! That guy is HUGE! I will probably be able to see it from my house! (Seriously) I'm trying to figure out where in your yard you will put it. I can't wait to see your display this year.
  13. I know about the 40" but this was bigger. I wasn't able to get a picture when I was there. If I could have touched it I would have looked for a logo or something. I'm still waiting on a call back from him. If I do go back I will definitely get a picture. Thanks for the replies so far.
  14. I went to see a guy that listed stuff on Craigslist. It turns out that he used to do a huge display but hasn't done one in 10+ years. He wants to sell some of his stuff so I went to see what he had. As soon as he opened his 1st shed I saw a Poloron moving Santa! It was in good shape but the paint was old and faded. He wasn't selling it. He then pointed out a huge soldier. (It was on it's side so it could have been a nutcracker). It was blue and he told me that it was rare. Duh! It had too much crap in front of it but it looked to be about 4ft or taller. I asked him if he knew who made it and he said it was Empire. Sooo.... my question is did Empire or anyone else ever make a huge soldier blow mold? It was close enough to a 30" mold so I know that it was definitely at least 48". I looked on my cd and on blow-molded.com and didn't see anything like it. I know someone will know this but I need to know because some people think that I am crazy and that I was drinking too much. Help! Thank you in advance. I will try to call this guy tomorrow because he didn't let me buy anything from him until he figures out exactly what he is selling. If I do go back, I will DEFINITELY take a picture.
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