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  1. Picked up 125 boxes of minis from Walmart today and a few boxes of the Gemmy icicle lights....Stopped by Lowes they had a bunch of green incans out at half price...Picked up an airblown at Home Depot also... Does anyone know when Lowes and Walmart usually go 75% off...
  2. Thanks Mike...I took it in the house to get a better look of it and it looks like the fuse in the actual box needs to replaced....will have to pick one up tomorrow and get it back in the yard for the weekend...
  3. Hey everyone...need some help.... Got this in the nativity part of the display and since the first night we've opened I noticed that the audio stops and restarts the entire animation and show in random parts...it has yet to finish the complete sequence....this is strange because I tested it multiple times before it we opened and it worked perfectly....
  4. If it was the last one it may have been a store display and the bulbs might have burned out....I would try replacing a bulb or two to see if the light strand even has power....If not some of the inflatables have a separate cord to run the lights inside the airblown ...that cords is connected through a plug to the actual motor...If this airblown is set up that way you could try splicing the old plug and replace i with a new one....
  5. Thanks Richard....I like how this one has the rabbit from the movie included in the airblown...
  6. Hey Mike...if you get a chance would you be able to post a pic of the Frosty globe inflated.... I went last week to pick up the polar bear but need to go again next week for the gingerbread house and thinking about the globe....
  7. Amazing display as always...Thanks for posting the video...
  8. Got the Polar Bear now just need to head back for the Gingerbread house...
  9. Thanks for the link...Hoping they come out with more full size Peanuts characters...
  10. Our Lowes is starting to get there Christmas airblowns in...They stocked about half of them already....I'm really waiting on the gingerbread house.... The 14' Polar Bear was on display but wasn't stocked yet...Will probably wind up adding that one to...
  11. Thanks for everyone's help... I am also wanting to pop some additional holes in a new piece of coro to place mini lights into....what do you recommend to punch the holes through....was thinking of useing a screw driver but I don't want the mini lights to slide through the hole easily making it look messy....
  12. The Frosty...Micky and Mini building a snowman....and the Micky caroling is a must....Mike do you know were any of these will be sold at...
  13. Yes...But I need to know what store will carry it.
  14. Dale...Is this a spray paint or a regular canned liquid paint?
  15. While we are on the topic of searching for airblowns....Does anyone know were this one is going to be this year....I remember seeing the prototype on ebay but missed out on it at the last second...Glad they are making it this year....
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